As we know, for the last few days, Pakistan is conducting attacks out of fear, and on the other hand, it wants to spread unrest in India by terrorists. But it is a matter of happiness: our Indian forces foiled this effort. As we know that the place of Pulwama is beautiful, but with the bullets going there, it is known that it is Kashmir:

This attack took place in Hajin Basti of Pulwama. There were at least 3 or 4 terrorists. As soon as it was received by the security forces, it was blocked at night itself. And in the night itself, bullets have started raining from both sides.

The bad news for us, a soldier of our army has been martyred. This army was injured last night, he died in the hospital today. Falkirk and Shaksh were killed in this shootout. Another man died in the same shootout.

Right now the security forces have cordoned off that area:

Because it is being estimated right now that 4 to 5 more terrorists may still be hiding in this area. In this attack, 3 terrorists were killed. And it is being told that these three terrorists belong to the terrorist organization of Pakistan:

Pakistani drone will be visible again this morning.

As soon as the drone was attacked by the military, it immediately that drone went back to Pakistan.

9 drones were shown near the border in the last few days: To stop this, BSF prepared Drone Hunting Team A control room has been set up in Delhi to monitor drones. An Anti-drone system will be deployed on the border. According to sources, EC built a drone station on his side of the border.

After this attack, the drone has been seen flying again in the Indian embassy in Islamabad.

Taking this matter seriously, India raised a big objection to it from the Government of Pakistan:

The Ministry of External Affairs can issue its statement on this issue.