Wedding Saree – aha! How beautiful! I do not know how much! Where did you buy it from?

Well, what is the most important and fun but shocking thing about wedding shopping? Everyone’s eyes are supposed to shine! So let’s talk about 7 Best Sarees of Women for Wedding Day

Why is it Difficult to Buy a Wedding Saree?

The two things that are most appealing when buying a wedding Saree are – the desired color and design and the desired price! How many Sarees that you have to buy Ray Baba! Main Program, Yellow, Reception, Bauvat… Also Mehedi, Engagement, In-Laws for the First Day, Then Marathon Invitation… Oops! What do you say is not jhakkira?

Jamdani Saree

When I heard the name ‘Jamdani’, I thought in my childhood that there is no other Saree besides this! But when I grew up, I slowly began to understand – I saw, there are hundreds of types of Saree!

This jamdani carries our tradition. That’s the beginning of Bangladesh! Half Silk and Flower Cotton – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Maroon, Pink, White, Black are available in almost all colors for Rs. 500-20000 / -! And how many names according to the design, listen? Dublajal, Balihar, Shapla flower, Anguralata, Mayurpachpar, Kalmilata, Chandrapar, Jhumka, Butidar, Jhalar, Mayurpakha, Puilata, Kalkapar, Kachupata, Tercha, Jalpar, Panna Hazar, Korola, Prajapati, Jasmine, many more. Lots of names!

Please don’t tell me in your mind after reading the next line… I personally don’t like jamdani very much, because I feel very uncomfortable after wearing it! But it does not feel bad!

Benaresi Saree

Benarsi Saree is most worn at weddings. Vermilion Red, Chili Red, Sweet Red, Black, Red Maroon, Black Maroon, Royal Blue, Queen Majenda, Deep Majenda, Dark Pink, Sweet Pink, C-Green, Turquoise, Paste Color how many more colors that are! Along with the work of copper-golden yarn, placing stones or embroidering with multi-colored yarn in the middle of floral prints or calligraphy… and the designs are beaten or locked, for which the saree can be worn for a long time with care. Is a little heavy though. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! And the price? Excluding Stone, you will get between Rs. 3500-30000 / – and the highest range with Stone will be up to Rs. 80,000-90000 / -!

Kanjivaram Saree

I have seen Kashmiri and Katan-style Kanjivaram. These Kanjivarms are deep paste, deep magenta, light magenta, light ash, black, sky blue, sea green, etc. in the color beige in the style of Kanchi style or normal guinea gold, copper golden yarn beating smooth texture of strangely beautiful Saree. And the price range too, but as you like, you can get it between Rs.

Katan Saree

Yarn Work Stone Laying, Kalki & Floral Print, Red, Green, Paste, Queen Magenta, White, Golden, Cream, Green, Deep Blue, Maroon, Black, Yellow, Basanti, Orange, etc. Katan Saree is made in! There are different types of katan such as- katan georgette, mirpuriya katan, Opera Katan, Pachara Katan, Tasar Katan, Muslin Katan, Swarnakatan, Velvet Katan, Chundri Katan, Pure Katan, Phulkali Katan, Jute Katan, Chennai Katan etc. You will get it within 1500-20000 / – rupees! And the Mirpurian katans are made of desi yarn.

Pakistani Barish Saree

Locked in white, onion, sweet red, cream, ocean green, paste, parrot green, turquoise, etc. in this Pakistani rain for Rs. 2600-5000 / -. The fabric-tao is also very smooth and the yarn work on chiffon. In this case, let me say that there are basically 3 types of chiffon – 30-40 grams (weightless), 60 grams, and 80-90 grams (pure). And 80-90 grams contains 30% more yarn.

Soft silk Saree

15000-20000 / – for C Green-Golden, Royal Blue-Copper, Parrot Green-Turquoise, Queen Majenda-Bottle Green, Paste-Maroon you will find these Sarees in various combinations. Soft silk Sarees made of native yarn have a matte finish and look very beautiful and gorgeous. Replicas, on the other hand, are shiny.

Muslin Saree

These muslin jamdanis are made of 100% pure muslin! Yes, although it is not possible to fill a box of matches like ancient muslin, the saree makers did not give up trying to get close to it! These sarees are sweet, bright, and light in color. If you want a saree to give in a suitcase, this muslin saree can be a great choice. The price is also affordable, 3500-5500 / – rupees!


There is also a fair of thousands of types of sarees like Tissue, Tangail, Dhupian, Baluchuri Weaving, Jaipuri, Pitamburi, Linen, Meghdoot! In fact, it is not really possible to say at once! I tried to give you some basic information about some basic sarees. And when you go to buy a wedding saree, do research, do damadami, and do not forget to buy with a petticoat and veil!

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