Today the Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal gave his statement in the state of Punjab. He had discussed many things and also made promises to the people of Punjab state.

Let’s see: What did he say to the people :

first, he gave his statement about electricity :

He said that Punjab generates its own electricity, it generates much more than what it needs.  Despite that, why is the most expensive electricity available in the whole country only in Punjab? He gave the example of Delhi and that we do not generate any electricity in Delhi, we buy electricity from other states. Despite this, almost the cheapest electricity in the whole country is available in Delhi.

He said that electricity in Punjab is expensive because there is a dirty nexus between the power companies and the government power in Punjab.

As the people of Punjab had taken many dharnas to make electricity but then no one listened.

He again gave a statement on the coming electricity bill:-

In the big city as well as in the small village, all the people are troubled by the electricity bill. He told that he got a call from a man and that man told that a poor man had 1 fan and 2 bulbs in his house for his bill of Rs 50900. That poor man could not pay that bill, so he went away after disconnecting the electricity from his house.

Arvind Kejriwal said that then women are more worried about this because they have to run the household expenses. He told that there are many houses where more than half the money goes to pay the electricity bill. He said that he is happy to say that today Delhi has 24 hours electricity: and cheapest electricity: He said that this has to be done in Punjab and also provide cheap electricity in Punjab:

He made three big announcements after that:-

He made the first announcement regarding electricity only. He said that every family of Punjab will get free electricity up to 300 units. Together it was said that some people will ask that in Delhi, you give free up to 200 units only. Describing the structure of Delhi, he said that we give free electricity up to 200 units and give 200 to 400 at half rate. So here they have made 300 units the same.

Second Announcement:-

He said in the second announcement that all those who have old bills will be waived, all the domestic outstanding bills will be waived. Understanding the sentiments of the people, he gave this statement, if someone goes to change his electricity bill, then only money is asked from him. Company people say give so much money then we will fix your electricity bill.

Third Announcement:-

And as 24 hours is provided in Delhi, in the same way, electricity will be provided 24 hours in Punjab. So that people can get peace and they can live.

blogger feet Opinion:-

I think now after three big announcements in Punjab, the government of the Aam Aadmi Party can be formed.  Because this will benefit the big cities as well as the small ones.

If we look at the mathematics of the assembly of Punjab:-

So it is like this:

Congress – 77
APA – 20
Akali Dal – 15
BJP – 03
Other Teams – 02