Since much of the Indian subcontinent falls between the temperate and torrid zones, the climate in India is hot and dry. Due to the weather, refrigerators are necessary for most Indian middle and upper-class households. In India, you’ll find a wide variety of the latest refrigerator models. Whirlpool is unquestionably the best in the business when it comes to smart home appliances.

Whirlpool refrigerators use the latest technological breakthroughs such as intelligent sensors and microprocessors, which distinguish them from the traditional icebox design. Indian households may find it challenging to afford the fridge price due to rising costs.

The flexible payment options provided on the Bajaj Mall make even the most expensive refrigerators in its marketplace more accessible.Indian households benefit from refrigerators by reducing food waste and extending the shelf life of perishables like fruits and vegetables. Indian households buy Whirlpool refrigerators online as it’s considered as best amongst all.

Some Whirlpool refrigerators under Rs. 40000 with features that make them an attractive proposition for the ordinary Indian family are listed below:

Whirlpool FP 313D Frost Free Protton Roy 300 L Multi-Door Refrigerator

Featuring an original design and several useful features, the Whirlpool 300 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator is a triple door refrigerator with a lot to offer. Because of its unique three-door design, the Whirlpool refrigerator provides advantages that no other refrigerator in its category can match. 

With three independent zones for varied storage requirements, it offers the most storage capacity for fruits and vegetables (32 L) in the bottom drawer, avoids odor mingling, and assures superior chilling retention.

The Protton World Series preserves your fruits and vegetables by preventing over-ripening, retaining their natural moisture, and inhibiting the growth of 99 per cent of the germs that cause bacterial contamination.

Fruits and vegetables lose their natural moisture when stored in regular refrigerators because the cold air comes into direct contact with the fruits and vegetables. However, with the Protton World Series refrigerator, the cold air circulates the compartment, keeping its contents chilly while preserving their moisture and natural freshness.Whirlpool refrigerators are equipped with a temperature control knob customized for delicacies such as cheese berries, chocolate, and other dairy goods. The all-new Protton World Series refrigerator consumes less energy than a compact fluorescent light bulb, making it one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators in its category. So Don’t miss an opportunity to buy the latest refrigerator from Bajaj Bajaj Mall.

Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free INTELLIFRESH Double Door Refrigerator

 An AI (Adaptive Intelligence) microprocessor is used with three IntelliSensors to create the revolutionary 6th Sense IntelliSensor Technology from Whirlpool. Each IntelliSensor performs a specialized function, such as load sensing, weather sensing, and usage pattern analysis, among other things. 

In the refrigerator, the artificial intelligence microprocessor serves as the brain, accumulating data from sensors and automatically adjusting the chilling temperatures throughout its compartments. 

There is no requirement for manual involvement during the process.With the sophisticated network of sensors and microprocessors that produce the ideal atmosphere for fruits and vegetables, you may enjoy garden freshness for up to 15 days. 

The 3D airflow system softly surrounds the foodstuff to ensure the highest possible vitamin preservation. The fresheners and micro blocks technology also prevent bacterial growth and over-ripening fruits and vegetables.A total of five different settings are available on this convertible refrigerator. Because it is attached to the freezer’s exterior, the Feather Touch UI is quite handy. 

You may adjust the chilling temperature and activate predefined functionality, such as quicker ice cube formation, at the touch of a button.In addition, the refrigerator has been upgraded with new features that will make performing routine tasks much more efficient and effective.Without having to remove the shelves altogether, you can adjust the heights of your shelves to match your unique needs, thanks to the very inventive Adapta Shelves. 

This ensures that anything from big cake boxes to little storage containers will fit precisely inside the storage container.Every time the power goes out, the refrigerator will automatically switch to inverter power to keep running without the need for any user inputs after it has been linked to the inverter.

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Visit the Bajaj Mall and utilize the filters to narrow your search for models that fit your requirements. For example, you could combine the model and capacity filters with the fridge price filter to achieve your desired results. Using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card at No Cost EMIs, you may shop for any Whirlpool refrigerator mentioned above and pick your chosen payback tenor between 3 and 24 months.