what is a coronavirus and how dangerous is it:-

As we know that two waves of corona have come in our country till now. When the first wave came we weren’t ready for it that’s when we reduced its effect by following the rules of Corona.  Then the second wave came after that, then everything was damaged even more than the first wave. The second wave killed more people than the first wave and the hospital was not getting Bed as well as oxygen was not available. People used to stand in line for a long time for oxygen, but then it was not available. But now this wave has also been controlled.

But people are again making the same mistake due to which the second wave came so terrible and now the third wave can also come even more dangerous.

As we know, Lockdown opened for the first few weeks in the states:

Let’s see what’s up after opening Lockdown:-

let’s start:-

This photo is of the recession of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh As you see, how much crowd is there inside its photo As we know, the government has opened Lockdown with some conditions. But looking at this photo, it seems that no one is following the rules. In this, social distance is not being followed at all, some people are wearing masks and some people are not due to which the third wave can come anytime.

Similar situation in the state of Delhi also:

Crowded everywhere in Delhi: In the markets at the ration shop at the metro station at the bus stand as well as at the vaccination center. In this too people are roaming without masks and without any social distance. As soon as Lockdown opens, people forget the corona after a few days, due to which we suffer heavy losses as well as the fear of spreading corona remains.

In this, we cannot even say the whole fault of the people. Because they have to go out of the house under compulsion. This condition of the system: Some cannot manage. But this will increase the risk, it is also certain.

So keeping this in view, the government again took some rules:-

Along with Laxmi Nagar, many more markets have also been closed till July 5.

And a similar decision was taken by Dum Dum Mahapalika of West Bengal.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it has been decided to close all shops, malls, and markets for three days a week from today except medicine shops. Till July 14, the shop will remain closed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and for the rest of the days, permission was given to open the shop only till 2 pm:

The same is the case in the vaccination center of Rajkot:-


In which there is so much crowd: People come here to get corona vaccine to avoid corona, but there is a push for my number to come first. Here again, till their numbers come, the vaccine is not over, that’s why they push. There is also the fear of the spread of corona and the arrival of the third wave.

Let us now see what we should do to avoid coronavirus:-

First of all, we have to follow social distance:- Wherever you go, you have to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from every person.

Secondly, you wash your hands for 30 seconds using any soap or sanitizer every once in a while.

Third, you wear a nice and clean mask And you should not throw it in the open using your mask, only put it in the garbage bucket. And by not using a mask, keep changing your mask in 2-3 days.

The fourth thing is important in which you have to get the vaccine. Now there are many types of vaccines inside India, so you should get the vaccine. Also, after getting the vaccine yourself, ask others to get the vaccine as well and send them to the vaccination center.

My request to you: You strictly follow the rules related to Corona When we ourselves will follow the rules, then other people will also follow them, and only then we will be able to fight this epidemic. So that happiness can come back to our country and everything will be fine as before. I hope we all will follow these rules together and save our country from this pandemic.

And yes I am saying again that all of you must get the vaccine and ask others to get it too.