You all know that vaccines are the biggest weapon to stop this block of the corona. In our entire country, 32.36 crore people have been educated in 24 hours. This record is more than America’s country. 32.33 million people have been vaccinated in America. Although America was more affected by Corona in the whole world. The population in our country is also huge. In our country, about 40 percent of people have got both doses of the vaccine. Covaxin covishield these two vaccines are being administered in India, but from today Russia’s Sputnik 5 is also being prepared.

You can take any of these three vaccines.

Let us now do a study by I C M R.

First, he found that the third wave would be less lethal than the second wave. Although this is a good thing, knowing this, we do not have to forget the rules of Corona. We now have to follow the CAB [Covid Appropriate Behavior]

The second wave is expected to arrive in 6 to 8 months.

Vaccination was controlled.


In the last 3 months, 40 percent of the people have got both doses of the vaccine. So, according to this, there will be 55 percent less in the hospital.

Along with the vaccine, the rules related to the corona can also be found to control the third wave.

The Prime Minister of our country also said that the vaccine should be administered without any falsehood. He said that be aware and make others aware also.

On June 21, India made a world record by doing more than 90 lakh vaccinations. More than 50 lakh people have been vaccinated from 21st June to 26th June. This is also the opinion of the doctor: Vaccine is the most effective weapon even on Delta + variants spread in a dozen states:

Trial of the vaccine on children below 18 years of indigenous company Jaydus at the last stage: Time to get their result: BS. Expectation: The vaccine will arrive in late July or early August.The government’s claim: that it will complete the vaccine target by 31 December.


Let us see how much vaccine has been given.

22 June 5422891 people have got the vaccine.

23 June 6483589 people have got the vaccine.

24 June 6073436 people have got the vaccine.

25 June 6120464 people have got the vaccine.

26 June 5810378 people have got the vaccine.

27 June 1663137 people have got the vaccine.

Central government files affidavit in Supreme Court giving details of vaccination policy document accepted in the affidavit on Saturday.

The purchase policy had to be changed due to problems with getting the vaccine. The Center said that states of mind and small private hospitals were having trouble getting the vaccine. However, the Center defended the decision to allow a 50-50 quota for the purchase of the vaccine. The Center argued that a large part of India is already dependent on private hospitals for health care and not on government hospitals.

In the affidavit, the Central Government has answered the question of the Supreme Court, on which the Supreme Court had asked on June 2 that on the vaccination Why is the fund of Rs 35 thousand crores created not being used to vaccinate people between the ages of 18 and 44?  Only after this, the central government itself took the responsibility of buying the vaccine.

Now the central government has presented an estimate regarding the availability of the vaccine in the country. According to which a total of 135 crore doses of vaccine will be available in the country from August to December. In which 50 crores of covishield, 40 crores of Covaxin, 30 crores of Bio e  10 crores of Sputnik v  are included. Modi government has taken a front for complete vaccination.

Vaccination to 94 crore people in the country till December 31.

Statement of Chairman of covid Working Group, Mr. K. Arora, the target of immunization of 1 crore people daily:.

Some people are afraid about the vaccine, so some people are confusing people with this. Due to which many people are not getting this vaccine. This can be fatal for us because the vaccine is the biggest weapon to defeat Corona: I am telling you that do not be afraid of this vaccine, without any confusion, get it so that others can be benefited along with you. Yes if you have any disease or you are currently undergoing any treatment then you should consult your doctor. After that you need this vaccine; After getting yourself vaccinated, ask others to get vaccinated too.

So that we can get over this pandemic soon.