My kid was super sharing and cool when he was young and did not hit puberty. As soon as he has joined the high school it’s like he has become a completely different person. I would be lying if I say that I did not see that coming but at that time there was this little ray of hope that maybe all of this is just a phase of my fears and it is not real. But turned out it was all real and the things that came in the future were more drastic and difficult to handle. So I know I may sound toxic and obsessive to many of you but I don’t care about it anymore as I have much more important things to discuss. I am a single mother and I have relied on my kid in very tough years of my life. He is like my whole world. So when he started finding his path in his whole new world I was worried, sad and acted pathetically. Because of my fears, he missed a very good opportunity as well to study in one of the prestigious schools. Just because I did not want him to leave the town so early. Long story short that was the start of our sweet relationship turning into something bitter.

Lets discuss Password Cracker app

He joined the local school but of course, he was not satisfied and happy. Deep down I knew it was my mistake but I did not admit it openly. Long story short in the coming years he applied again and now I had nothing to say to stop him. So I started to prepare myself for handling long distances. Of course, the mental preparation was one thing but I found out about the parental control apps right at that time. It was not common for kids in our town to choose boarding school at an early stage. But maybe my overcontrolling behaviour and dependence made him make this decision. Thus when I knew that a spy app can even allow parents to legally use password cracker for their kids I made the decision right that moment. I got the OgyMogy spy app and that was the start of my spying journey.


OgyMogy is a spy app that offers parental control features to its users.

  • It is economical as they offer different bundles for different types of users.
  • The app offers a friendly user interface so anyone who has zero to basic knowledge about handling smart gadgets can use it easily.
  • One can use the app for cellphones, mac books and even Windows as they support all the operating systems.
  • The app offers cloud-based services so no need to worry about storage issues.

Password Cracker:

A password cracker is one simple feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app. You can use the feature to crack any password in the target gadget. Now there is this trend of using the password in the photo gallery or instant messenger chat apps,  digital notes, etc. The official accounts, emails and texting log is another story as technically teenagers lock everything up these days. They are not good at sharing. So instead of just wondering about what is real and what is happening parental control apps like the OgyMogy offer a password cracker feature to help the worrying parent.

  • I can now get into the photo gallery of the kid and can know about the captured, downloaded and shared photos and videos on the teenager’s cellphone. This way you can save them from any pornography exposure or can know if they are in any trouble.
  • The app lets the user crack the password of different instant messenger chat apps. For example, my kid has this secret group chat on WhatsApp which is locked. You can simply use the password cracker feature to get into the chatbox.
  • The app can let you know about any secret digital diaries and notes and you can indeed help them out. For example, I got to know about my obsessive behaviour by reading one of my kid’s notes.

I am seeing a therapist but indeed the OgyMogy password cracker was the first step in the recovery.