Famous Rapper Raftaar is the only rapper in India who accepts Cryptocurrency As Fees

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Rapper Raftaar became the first Indian Rapper to accept Cryptocurrency as his fees

Dillin Nair aka Raftaar is a famous Indian Hip Hop, Pop Rapper and he is also one of the highest-paid Indian rappers. Raftaar is also known as the carrier giver of Emiway Bantai(yes that Allu mallu guy).

Dilin Nair (born 16 November 1988), better known by his mononymous stage name Raftaar, is an Indian rapper, lyricist, dancer, TV personality, and music composer. … He began his career in rap in 2008 with Lil Golu and Young Amli (now known as Ikka), recording songs and uploading them on social sites.

Rapper Raftaar recently revealed that he is open to accepting cryptocurrency as fees. Global artists like 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, G-Eazy, Sia, Fall Out Boy, the Backstreet Boys, Lana Del Rey among others have already given their seal of approval for cryptocurrency, while Raftaar became India’s first artiste to accept the controversial form of capital. Raftaar said that he is finally ready to take baby steps in the new reality. Crediting his manager for the development, Raftaar said in a statement, “I’ve always been an ardent admirer of blockchain technology. I’ve always wondered why artists and managers alike haven’t explored the potential of this disruptive medium. Nevertheless, I’ve finally taken the baby steps in this direction and all the credit goes to my manager, Ankit Khanna for making this dream a reality for me.”

The rapper’s longtime business partner and manager Ankit Khanna also opened up about what prompted him to take the step. He said in a statement, “Blockchain has the potential to expedite a seamless experience for anyone involved with generating or interacting with music. I’m happy to welcome this new transactional paradigm with my longtime business associate Raftaar who truly is a pioneering voice of this new generation.
Ankit shared: “In my opinion, music will be one of the first industries to be completely and thoroughly disrupted through the blockchain. The artist can now go directly to the public in every single way without the need for middlemen. Blockchain has the potential to expedite a seamless experience for anyone involved with generating or interacting with music. I’m happy to welcome this new transactional paradigm with my longtime business associate Raftaar who truly is a pioneering voice of this new generation.”

The Delhi boy, Raftaar is an inspiration to all the upcoming rappers. Many Desi hip hop artists see him as a mentor as he always supports and gives guidance to the upcoming artists. In fact, from commercial to pure hip-hop tracks, Raftaar can pull it off better than any other rapper in the scene. Heavy voice and unique texture made him one of the best rappers in the country! Right? Also, we know for a fact that fans want to know everything about their favorite artists. So, decided to write a piece on Raftaar. This piece will feature news and some facts about Raftaar that his hardcore fans would love to know.


Raftaar was born as Dilin Nair in the year 1988. He was born in Kerala and his ethnicity is Malayali. He is the only child of his parents. Raftaar is very vocal about his family. As a matter of fact, his father was a cleaner with the Indian Railway and his mother is a typist.

He has spent his childhood in the streets of Rohini. According to some sources, he also grew up in the gullies of Munrika before making it big in the Desi Hip Hop scene.


Raftaar started his career as a dancer and goes by the moniker of Max. He did his first reality show called DID Doubles with Manikin in 2011. Throughout the season, you can witness his passion for rapping. Then, he formed a crew called Black Wall Street Desis with Lil Golu and Ikka Singh, initially known as Young Amli.

At that point, Raftaar used to spend his pocket money for the recordings and their travel allowances as he started taking classes at a dance institute in Delhi, charging Rs 150 per kid. They used to put their tracks on Orkut, a fast-growing social networking site at the time, that emerged as a platform for young and inexperienced aspiring rappers all over the country.

On the other hand, they got a call from Honey Singh and he mentioned, “People didn’t know his face at the time, but knew his name for a couple of hits. We figured that this guy has cracked the way of making rap accessible to the Indian audience, by mixing Indian percussion and melody.”

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