Come, today we will talk about a very important topic which died due to corona.

Today we will clarify the difference between those figures which have been released by the government and which are the real figures.

We will differentiate this figure from last year’s figure.

We all know that in the second wave of this coronavirus, people were engaged in the crematorium for a long time.

Let’s look at the real figures :

First of all, we talk about Delhi, the capital of our country India.

So, 19715 people died in Delhi city itself: but according to the government figures, 13021 have been told in which the difference of clearly 6694:.

If we compare it with last year then In which last year in 2020, when the corona was spread, then only between April and May 5475 died from the corona. And this year 2021, when the second wave of the virus came, between April and May, 34750 deaths were caused by corona. Out of which  13021 death certificate has been issued. So we are clearly getting to know how big a difference this is.

Another state whose name is Rajasthan.

Let’s talk about 4 big cities of the state which Jaipur Jodhpur Bikaner Udaipur. In which 7623 people died of corona between April-May 2020 last year. And this year in 2021, 23300 people died of corona in the middle of April-May. And the government figures say that only 2143 people have died. Then how did these 21157 people die:

About the third city whose name is Gujarat.

The government says that 9833 people died in both the states, but the Congress government says that only in the second wave of 24000 people died of the corona, which they took from the family of those people through online registration. There is also a big difference between these two figures.

Let us now move towards the southern states, in which first we talk about Karnataka.

This will be followed by civil registration.
2018 -2.44 lakh
2019-2.35 lakh
2021-3.30 lakh

It’s been deaths in the last few years.

The government said from January 1 to June 19, 2021, 21667 people have died

Now we talk about the state of Tamil Nadu.

These figures have been taken from the pages of civil registration.
2018 – 2.36 lakhs
2019 – 2.50 lakh
2021 – 3.18 lakh
It’s been deaths in the last few years.

The government said  Only 12907 people have died.

Right now we have only talked about 5 big states of the country, in which such a big difference has been shown don’t know when these real figures will come in front of the public so that everyone can know the truth.

And the government does not know why this data is hiding from the public.