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How to Pick the Best Genesis Theme Framework for Your WordPress Site

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In the attempt of making the websites attractive, many of the best brains in the world of web designing and development are working their level best. After all, themes work as a central foundation of your website, and if you don’t choose the appropriate one, it can be an obstacle at the route of your dream website. It would not be wrong to say that the Genesis theme framework is one of the results of that work.

WordPress is known for its collection of unique and attractive themes. And from them all, the Genesis theme framework is on the top of the list. The presence of a myriad of qualities made it a theme in the spotlight.

To know the specialties of this theme, let’s dig a little deeper.

Why WordPress Genesis Theme is an Incredible Framework

Easy Setup and Customization – A person of non-technical background can have huge advantages from the Genesis theme framework. As one side, it is easy to set up and another side the tutorials of the theme make it easy to use. For small changes, it comes with a child theme with its parent theme (Genesis theme framework). This theme helps in small site changes such as font style, background, menu area, and color, etc.

High Performance – The lightweight codes are the reason for its high performance, which profitably affects the WordPress site speed. And that’s how Genesis improves your site’s search engine ranking and gives a pleasing user-experience. As site speed and user experience are vital parts to get top search engine rankings.

Clean Code – Genesis theme framework doesn’t have extended codes. And lightweight yet clean codes of the theme make it an ideal theme choice. This theme doesn’t affect the site speed, plus save it from theme errors and conflicts. 

SEO Ready – The theme is well designed for search engine optimization. It stands on the SEO standards such as the speed, user experience, mobile responsiveness, etc. Plus Yoast SEO puts the cherry on the cake and helps to create SEO friendly content.

Custom Genesis Plugin Selection – This theme serves the specific genesis plugin with it, which means you can also add other features to your site. It makes the site easy for you to choose the plugin for your site, as you can choose the specific genesis plugin from any others. This plugin can integrate the existing design to your site.

Large High-quality Theme Selection – Choose one of the most suitable themes for your site, as it has a wonderful theme collection. It doesn’t matter which website you are building, a food site, a SaaS site, or a large blog site, it can serve them all.

What you have to do is, to pick the best for your site, but the question is-

How would you do that? Well, we can help you; scroll down.

How to pick the best Genesis theme framework for your WordPress site?

As we said before, Genesis has an immense theme collection, and each one of them has its qualities and charm. However, you should keep this in mind that the theme that suits best to your purpose is the best theme for your site.

So what you should do is, follow the process:

Make a Stock of Your Needs

Deeply understand your product, service, or blog to know your site needs. Ask yourself, does that particular theme fit into your site’s theme needs? All websites look different and have their own different needs. Make a needed stock and then choose the theme.

Decide the Required Site Layout

With the WordPress Genesis themes, you don’t have to worry about the site layout. However, in some of them, you have to decide on the layout. It is because all the themes are designed for different products or blog sites. And for this, you have to ask some questions from yourself.

  • What type of homepage do you require, a home page with slider, traditional blog roll, or optin-box integration?
  • Are your blogs the core site focus?
  • How would you like to sell the products?
  • Do you want your website to support other categories too?

Take a clear idea of each theme’s layout so you can decide the best for your WordPress site.

Is the minimal design enough or do you need other features?

All the Genesis themes have a clean design, but some of them are with minimal design features. It’s all up to you what design you prefer for your site. Do you want your readers to focus on your site content or you want to add features like sliders, video integration, bold typography, and much more?

What’s your site goal?

Choose the theme according to your site goal. Go to the theme descriptions and read that particular theme you are planning to use. It will help you to know them so you can make a better decision. This will help you to pick the best genesis theme for your WordPress website according to your website needs.

Shorty, if you follow the upper given process to pick the best genesis theme for your WordPress site, you can’t go wrong with it. However, a professional of a WordPress Development Company can do this with perfection. And after you have a solid foundation, it will help to build a website for your goal.

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