If you want to train your hands using a hand gripper, then you must know about its proper usage

In this article, we are going to talk about:

  1. How to handle a hand gripper or grip strengthening tool perfectly
  2. Four different ways to use a hand grip

How to use or hold a grip strengthener in a perfect way

If you want to leverage the full potential of the hand strengthening tool, then you have to hold it perfectly. Here we are giving you essential tips to hold a hand gripper in a perfect way.

Place the hand gripper handle 45 degrees in between your palm

Place the lower handle of the hand gripper in your palm at a 45-degree angle. Don’t place two handles in a highly horizontal position, as placing your pinky fingers at the end of the handle will be much more challenging.

Place the device above the thumb

Fix the base of your thumb, then place the hand gripper just above the palm base. If you, by mistake, place the hand gripper just above your thumb, it will diminish the full thumb strength, which can be attributed to squeezing the device. The process should be kept in mind from the beginning.

Keep your fingers below the device ( as much as possible)

Yes, place all of your fingers, like the index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers, below the device as much as you can. It’ll look like pinky fingers are hanging from the lower handle of the gripper. The pinky finger can slightly hang off from the gripper as well.

Hold your fingers very tight

You must keep all your fingers close together and hold all fingers tightly. Do not separate them as it may loosen your grip. You may create better tension with four fingers together. When you squeeze the gripper, your tightly held finger puts enough pressure, making the squeezing procedure more effective for the forearm muscle.

Use both hands to place the handles correctly

When you set up the next step, you must use a free hand to place your device in the correct position. When you set the hand gripper correctly, you can prevent slipping or misplacing. Therefore you can ideally move your hands with a gripper, and it will be a power pack exercise. The most appropriate way to prevent sleeping is to use both hands on the devices and only release them just before starting squeezing.

Squeeze through pinky finger

.Keep your pinkie finger attached to the gripper and squeeze as much as possible. People used to neglect the pinkie finger, which contributes a lot to squeezing. Therefore, if you want to squeeze and engage complete forearm muscles, attach a pinkie finger with hand grippers

both handles should touch between reps

While rep count, you’ve to make sure both handles must touch together. This is a standard measurement you need to follow while doing hand strengthening exercises with a hand gripper to empower your grip,

Five various ways to use a hand grip strengthener

1. High Reps

High repetitions can be a great way for you to increase your endurance and your hand’s ability to hold on to objects for more extended periods.

I typically use the grippers for 15-20 reps for high reps. I like to do reps up to 30.

2. Low Reps

Low reps are a great approach to maximizing your grasping ability. This way, you can make a strong powerful fist.

Low reps usually require 6 or fewer reps to use the grippers. I avoid training below 3 reps as it can cause sore fingers and knuckles.

3. Eccentric Reps

It increases hands’ ability to open while performing the exercise. You can overload your gripping power with Eccentric reps, which are great for handling resistance you wouldn’t normally be able to.

The most simple way of eccentric strength training is to gradually open your hands, keep them for 4-5 seconds, and close them gradually.

4. Drop Sets

Drop sets are a great way to incorporate grip training. I use a heavy resistance gripper to perform 5-6 reps. I then use a lighter resistance gripper to do as many reps (AMRAP).

You can perform a large number of reps with lighter resistance if you set a minimum of four drop sets

5. Isometric Reps

You can do isometric reps by putting your hand grippers together and closing the handles. Then hold this posture tightly for a stipulated time. Isometric reps can be a great way of improving your “support” strength. This isometric exercise increases your capacity to hold a heavy object for longer. To improve your endurance, squeeze the handles together for 20-30 seconds.

If you are in the finding of exercise that boosts grip strength, then you can perform force reps and isometric reps altogether.

Grip strength equipment is very effective if you use it properly. Otherwise, it won’t give you an expected result. To make your workout much more effective, know the proper usage of a hand gripp