As we all know that we can choose any religion from our mind.

But some people use misuse religion wrongly using other people: so that their whole life is bad.

Like our country reveals two people inside Uttar Pradesh. Those who influence them against their religion and forced to adopt Islam religion.

Let’s see them about :

As you saw two persons in this picture, these people do this wrong thing.

Let’s see what the people make their victims:

This is the people who need financial assistance such as money, then this person raises the wrong form of compulsion. First, these people know their needs again, they start evil about the religion and brought their Islam religion. Most women make their victims, then they are married to a Muslim girl by pressurizing their Islam religion. Then those who are married are changed to religion. These women also make their victims along with children those who are the very shame of us.

But now both of the people have been caught and they have also adopted their crime.

Let’s know about their crime.

  1. The first crime confessed to Islam’s religion by changing itself.
  2. The second crime was made from Amar Gautam to Amar Gautam at the age of 20.
  3. Shoe in religion change after adopting the third crime, Islam.

Police of both the states of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are engaged in catching them. And the police are engaged in breaking their network. And the people associated with these people are engaged in catching.

Now his house was a raid and after that, he is not telling any of his family members.

These people marry 200 to 250 in a year after that the religion of those women is changed.

These people used to go to an office of Islam Da’wah Center [IDC]. From where it used to work its whole work. Now it has been found under the police of Uttar Pradesh. It has been found but they locked.

Now we will tell you as soon as we know about it.

I prayed that all this may be caught as soon as possible so that such wrong things can be stopped. Now we see what I will get punishment.