Drones flying over military bases in Jammu and Kashmir and 2 blasts outside Air Force station raised the ears of the Government of India:

This is the new model of terrorists, they are weapons. Obviously, it is necessary to make it unsuccessful. And in this connection, India is in talks with Israel.

Actually, Israel has the best technology of anti-drone system:

Trying to buy this technology. Apart from this, India is also listening to the technology of flying drones through laser beams.

During the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, the whole world saw Israel’s iron drone anti-missile technology. Saw how dangerous rockets being fired one after the other, due to this iron drone technology, went flying in the air even before asking on the ground and how more than 90 percent of the more than 4000 rockets fired by Hamas turned out to be just fireworks with the help of this iron drone technology. But now when in Jammu and Kashmir it is wrong to challenge Hindustani with the help of drones: Everyone is starting to remember this iron drone technology.

It is not that there is no need for iron drone technology for drones, but to counter this tactic of terrorists, now India needs an anti-drone radar system. The need has definitely arisen which can stop any such nefarious conspiracy happening in the air in time.

Israel’s Strategic Partner of India: And against it also Palestine and Hamas have been posing more or less the same challenges from time to time Like the enemies of India do for India.

But now India is now going to talk with this Strategic partner to get that Anti Drone Radar System, which is deployed as soon as it is deployed. Not only will the drones of his terrorists be easily intercepted in the air, but they will be destroyed in the air itself.

Smash 2000+ The name of this anti-drone technology:

Which, like the Iron Drone, has also protected Israel from drone attacks. Under this technology, not only the drones flying up to 120 meters flying in the sky can be detected. Rather, once the target is locked, it can be destroyed in the air itself. If the experts are to be believed, there can be no better technique than this to face this air attack of the enemies. Because one thing, it hunts the drone in an automatic way and destroys the evil drone in the air itself. Which also reduces the risk of damage to the land.

Now Coming: The Era of Terror’s Diabolical Circumstances Soon India Should Have Israel Anti-Drone Radar System. On an anti-drone system with Israel: talks. One of the best weapons in the world just like 2000+ systems. Terrorist drones will be destroyed in the air due to a smash strike. Work on anti-drone system technology continues in India’s DRDO too.

Indian Navy in the process of acquiring anti-drone technology from Israel: Israel’s Anti Drone System Smashes 2000+ Unmatched Worldwide It was announced by the Navy Chief in December last year that it is an Anti-Drone Weapon Computerized Fire Control and Electro-Optic System. The detection and target neutralization of this system are extremely accurate. According to sources, India can now buy Smash 2000+ for Airforce and Army from Simple.

After the drone attack in Jammu, it is believed that technology can come in the purchase of anti-drone technology for the rest of the military bases as well. In the present condition, defense experts are also insisting on acquiring this technology. According to SP Sinha expert, it has become necessary for India now.

Let us now see how this technology works:-

Israel’s Smash 2000+ is a system that is fitted on a rifle and can target drones or flying objects at any speed. What is needed New: This system can be easily detected not only by drones but also by any other flying object. It’s special but it is able to work during the day as well as at night. The system, with an altitude range of 120 meters, can be mounted on a tripod or car, while its gun can be mounted using a light remote control weapon station known by the name. And it’s much easier to hit the target.

Another feature of the Smash 2000+ is that it automatically locates and locks the target and allows the operator to fire at the right time for the distant operator. The object is reduced to ashes.  Durga – 2 will just find any drone and rather shoot it down. Durga-2 will be a system based on laser technology.

It will be a 100 kW shut-off system that will work with a laser beam. It will be a 100 kW shut-off system that will work with a laser beam. It will destroy any object like a drone at an altitude of up to 2 km. Durga 2 will have the power to find the enemy’s drone and kill it Work is also going on in India on the Kali project, it will be an energy weapon system that will target flying objects. It is said that DRDO Anti Drone technology will detect the drone within a radius of 3 km. and will block its frequency and also destroy it with a laser gun. Hope: that day is not far when India will have indigenous anti-drone technology along with foreign ones.

This is not the first time talks with India’s strategic partner Israel. Rather, Israel helped India in the 1999 Kargil war between Pakistan and India. And even better relations were formed between the two countries. Then Israel sent weapons to India in an emergency.

Many weapons have been bought in India from Israel.

This conspiracy may have been hatched by the people within the limits, but those who carried it out were within the same limits: And the search for such people continues: The army and security agencies are trying to find them.

Let’s see when this attack happened:-

The drone struck at the Jammu Air Force station on Saturday night The drone was seen flying near Ratnuchak Kaluchak Military Station on Sunday. Drones were seen flying three times near the army camp on Monday night.

For the first time, the drone was seen flying near Ratnuchak at around 1 am.

Appeared for the second time in Kunjwani at 3:09 am.

The drone was again seen over Kunjwani camp at 4:19 am.

Have been flying around military bases for the last few nights. It is well known that even though this conspiracy has been hatched from across the border from Pakistan, but this conspiracy is being carried out on India inside the border.

Now the big deal is this: who is operating these drones and suddenly these drones disappeared.