Nurse gave empty injection in the name of corona vaccine.

Because this is the only weapon to fight against Corona: Meanwhile, a video from a vaccination center went viral.


You can watch this video on google. This video is special because: Because in this the nurse is talking to the patient along with applying the vaccine. Patient’s friend was making video of him while getting the vaccine . If you watch that video carefully then you will come to know that the nurse cleaned the patient’s arm with a bite and gave an empty injection. Which is a negligence . Because in the epidemic with which our country is fighting right now, vaccine is the most effective weapon. After watching this video, it seems that our country is being negligent in applying the vaccine.

On detection, it was found that this video was from Chhapra in Bihar:

This person came to get the first dose of corona vaccine .

An empty injection is being given at one place, so a woman is crying very loudly after getting the vaccine at one place. This video is also going viral on social media . This woman came to the vaccination center to get the vaccine, but as soon as this woman’s number came, she started crying bitterly. Sometimes this woman was crying about sardine and sometimes with something , Later a woman closed her eyes, then the nurse gave her the vaccine.

A woman ran away from home in the field for fear of vaccine .

But then the ladies police caught them in the field and then the nurse forcibly caught them and put them vaccinated.

In the meantime some people were engaged in spreading the illusion:


Has it become a practice to reduce the world’s population?

Has the United Nations made an  agenda to reduce population?

Has the new world order come to reduce the population   ?

This thing is also going very viral .



This agenda has been created by the people, in which the country of India is supporting it. This agenda is being followed to reduce the population of the whole world. Which is a wrong thing, it is also a sin.

Now let’s see the truth .

This leaflet talks about 21/2030 . Inside this leaflet it is written , One government in the world, Cashless currency in the world, One army in the world, Reducing or controlling the world’s population .

From this it is known that this news is false. This agenda wants to bring happiness and unity in the whole world.

In the meantime, a news became more viral, this is the tiger’s story:

As everyone knows tiger is a carnivorous animal. But in a video it is seen eating grass. which looks awkward . Later, the expert came to know that these tigers sometimes consume grass to correct their digestion.

My opnion on vaccine .

This is my request to you: You should get the vaccine without any fear and without any illusion. If you have any disease or are undergoing any treatment, then you should talk to your doctor and follow his opinion.

Otherwise you can get the vaccine without any hesitation.

My opnion on UNO report .

Don’t pay attention to this thing because it is just spreading illusion. So you should not believe such things without knowing the full truth. Because by this you will confuse others and you will be tensed.