Things Which You Don’t Need To Actually Pack

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When you are planning for any trip you need to know what is the thing which we need to carry with you. What are the things which really don’t require a pack with you? According to that if you make the packing then it will help you out in the whole travel of yours. One of the example I want to share with you one of my friends go outside for an adventure tour for goa with her girlfriend and she take 6 to 7 sandals with her as she loves to wear the matching shoe with her cloth. After the tour, the boy takes a break up with her and when he got married and go out for the Honeymoon Tour For Goa then her wife takes one comfortable running shoe one flip-flop and one heel with her. Now they are enjoying the happily married life.

Expensive jewellery

When you are on vacation you want to feel relaxed and the expensive jewellery will give you a kind of tension to be threatened by someone to stay away with this tension don’t keep the expensive jewellery with you  and also if you wear the jewellery all the time you will not feel that you are on a tour.

Travel iron

It’s completely not required to carry a travel iron with you whether you are on a business tour in comparatively that iron you can carry the collar neck t-shirt with you which will also give you the formal look. You can also do that carry that cloth with you which don’t require to iron.

Shampoo conditioner body lotion

While travelling you don’t need to carry those big shampoo and lotion bottles with you. It will keep the space of your bag and also increase the weight of your bags, so try to avoid that thing you can carry the pouch of that shampoo with you that will be no spaces and also not increase the weight of your bag.


A hairdryer is completely not requiring carrying with you because in some hotel it will be provided to you and if not then it is a thing which can be managed if not available with you. You can enjoy your trip if the hair dyer is not with you.

Paper guidebook

Paper guidebook will not be going to help you anymore instead of that you can ask from the local person of that place they will give you the confirm information about the place because they are living there and it will help you to localize this will help you to enjoy your trip because they will share the information with you about the city or town which you can tell others when you came back.

Too many clothes

Always try to keep less cloth with you so that your bag will not create any trouble for you. If your bag is easy to carry so it will make you happy and you will enjoy the journey.

All tech gadgets

Your all technical gadgets like the phone, fun book, laptop, tablet, e-reader these all gadgets are not completely required carrying with you for your trip. After getting all this information you can book your package with GOBOOKINGNOW and enjoy the trip.

Author by: This blog is done by Chetna Sharma who is writing posts for the site from last 2 year and it will help the website as well.

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