We know that Bihar struggles with floods every year.

Millions of people are affected by this flood. Hundreds of people die in the number of people, many people go missing, which till date is not known.

Crores worth crores of rupees get washed away in water in this flood. Bihar floods come every year, due to which it is the most flood-affected area of our country in India.

About 76% of the population of North Bihar is affected by floods every year. Out of the total areas of our country India, 16.5% of the area belongs to Bihar. Out of the total population of the country affected by the flood, 22.1% of the population of Bihar. With this, we can all imagine the devastation caused by the floods in Bihar.

There is an area of Nepal in the northern region of Bihar, on which the rainwater goes into rivers like Narayani Bhagmati and Kosi. This is the river that passes through Bihar. Nepal’s floods also become the cause of floods in India. This flood occurs in eastern Uttar Pradesh and northern Bihar. Kosi Narayani Karnali Rapti Mahakali This is the river that flows from Nepal to India When there is heavy rain in the upper part of Nepal, it causes the flood on the low land. This time also it has started after the rain and flood in Sindhu pal Chowk of Nepal. Seven people died due to the feeling of central Nepal: and dozens of people went missing. House to house hut destroyed.

Due to the flood in Bihar, the whole area is looking like an island. The water has filled up to about 5 feet, due to which people are facing a lot of trouble. In this trouble, people are finding only one means of commuting, which they are going to come and go by risking their lives. But the water level is increasing continuously. That is what the citizens want, they cultivate rice and sugarcane and both those crops get ruined. People say that the government only provides financial assistance of 6000 so that nothing happens to them.

A bridge has broken due to a flood in an area of Bihar. Due to the breakdown of the bridge, the citizens have to walk 10 kilometers.

Now floods are also visible in the areas of Uttar Pradesh.


The figures show that 45 out of 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh are flood-sensitive. Of which 24 are very sensitive: 16 are sensitive and 5 are normal: The entire area of Terai is very careful especially in the context of easiest flood. Gandak Rohin Rapti Sharda Saryu Ghagra, which originates from Nepal during the rainy season every year, crosses the danger of normal rains.

According to an estimate, floods in Uttar Pradesh cause a loss of Rs 432 crore every year. Floods come mainly in Uttar Pradesh due to Ganga and Ghaghara rivers.

The reason for increasing water in the Ganges river is rain. Ghazipur Varanasi Allahbahad Unnao and Kanpur are affected by the river Ganges. And while the Ghaghra river brings floods to Gonda Bahraich Barabanki Sitapur Lakhimpur Kheri. This Ghaghra river originates from the Himalayas which enters India through the mountainous areas of Nepal. Before entering India, two dams on this river, neither of which are Sharda  Barrage and girja barrage Both these dams handle the flow of the Ghaghara river in Nepal whenever the water level rises in Nepal, these two barrages are opened. Even now 1 lakh 80 thousand percent of the water has been released in the Sharda river. For this reason, there has been flooding in Lakhimpur Kheri.

Now let’s talk about Uttarakhand

Here the mountains are breaking and falling on the road due to the landslide. According to the data, every year in Uttarakhand, there is a loss of 64 crores due to rain flood landslides. Due to this damage in Uttarakhand sing that all the people who have gone to another place, only a few people survive in that area. Now the rainy season has started in the year, there are still more months left: like July August. I request the government that they should take care of the problems of their respective states at the earliest.