The New Year will soon arrive for all of us. Most of us will feel like we’re in party mode for the new year. The first day of the new year deserves to be special, whether you’re a party animal or like to be alone. Do you know about the new year meal served on trains, though? People all across the world have been adhering to certain cultural and traditional tales regarding new year’s meals on trains for a very long time. The new year ushers in a fresh start, but there are a lot of tales floating around about the celebration.

So if you are traveling on a train this new year make sure to order the best food on your couch. So that you can enjoy the new beginning with your favorite dishes. From zoop you can order a variety of food items to enjoy your train journey on new year.

How To Order Food On Train To Make Your New Year Remarkable:

The WhatsApp conversation number for travelers to reach Zoop is +91 7042062070.

Open the WhatsApp chatbot for Zoop.

Your 10-digit Passenger Name Record (PNR) number should be entered. This will provide you all the details about your train, your seat number. And your train live status.

Zoop will check your details before asking you to select the station where you wish to pick up the meal.

Following that, users can choose a restaurant and make a payment using the chatbot. The chat box will allow users to track their meal orders once the money has been made.

The function enables online payments via UPI, net banking, and other methods. Because WhatsApp Payments is not currently accessible to companies, the payment interface is not a part of the WhatsApp ecosystem. Therefore, users have access to a variety of digital payment options, including UPI and net banking.

Ordering Food On A Train Is Safe Or Not?

Food safety is not an issue as long as you are ordering food on train from the zoop e-catering to be consumed while riding the train. There are all appropriate health and hygiene precautions in place. However, travelers should bear the following in mind when placing internet orders for meals while traveling:

Customers should check to see if the delivery person has on a face mask and gloves.

Before you eat, wash your hands.

zoop only works with eateries that have FSSAI approval.

No kitchen staff members or delivery personnel with symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, fever, etc., should be assigned to work handling food.

All catering staff must adhere to the FSSAI’s personal hygiene requirements, which include donning a face mask, hand gloves, and a head cover.

All food items must be stored and transported in line with FSSAI and IRCTC regulations, and loose food packaging is not permitted.

Some Food That You Can Order In Train Online On This New Year :

Northern Indian Food:  You can order a variety of foods when traveling to the North part of India, such as sarso ka saag, Makki ki roti, gajar ka halwa, chole bhature, amritsari kulche, North Indian thali, or Jain Food in Train from the train’s catering service. Food items that are appropriate for winter will keep you warmer. To place your orders, pick a train food delivery service like Zoop or IRCTC because they are prompt in completing deliveries on schedule. At your seat, food that has been cleaned and is hygienic is served.

Western Indian food: If you are visiting Maharashtra, you can order these delectable winter dishes, such as the best sabudana khichadi, pav bhaji, vada pav, vegetarian, and various veg thalis, and feel their flavor. All express trains allow for online ordering of meals, so you should give some of these possibilities a try.

South Indian food: Utilize the online food on trains if you’re intending to take a train and savor some of the most well-known south Indian specialties, including traditional winter dishes like lemon rice, button idli-sambar, tomato rice, and south Indian thali. On trains, food service is offere with online payment options as well as cash on delivery.

Eastern India: The best enjoyment comes from taking a train from another section of the country and eating regional cuisine. A great way to taste regional specialties while traveling by train is to order meals online. These days, railway food prices are also fairly reasonable. You should try different fish curries, vegetarian dishes, and sweets from the menu because West Bengali cuisine is exquisite. Use the train’s culinary service to get Naran gurer sandesh, Notun gurer payesh, fish thali, khasta kachori, and other delectables. You will be please with the higher-quality train meals available nowadays. A quick and hygienic meal is deliver right to your seat with the zoop food app.

Northeast India: It is quite reviving to visit Rajasthan or Gujarat and take in the breathtaking views of the desert, camels, and sunsets. The perfect time to spend time with family in such gorgeous places is during the winter. Now that food service in trains is so swift and train food online is available at all stations, ordering meals while traveling by train is not a problem. So you may now order your favorite delicacies, such as khakri, methi thepla, dal dhokla, Gujarati farsan, Rajasthani, or Jain Food in Train. Nowadays, there is rapid and convenient food service on trains.