What Is Active Track and It’s Features?

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If we have to declare a device as the best current security device of our, Active Track stands on top of the list. This single device is furnished with multiple security features, which means it can perform single-handedly. The device can work as a two-way communication to use it for communication such as phone. The proof of presence with its reporting quality, GPS tracking where it coordinates with Google map. And panic buttons to get help with just a click of a button.

What is an active track?

Active Track is a handy device that works as a real-time monitoring system. The device is designed to track and monitor guard activity and ensure the wellbeing. The single-tracking devices hold many features such as GPS tracking, two-way voice communications, and lone worker protection system etc.

What does an active track look like?

Active Track is an own-shaped device with the dimension(h*w*t) of 121*60*30(mm). It is a light-weighted device of 150g (180g with its charger). The device is well designed to keep in mind the lone worker daily-day activities. It is waterproof & shock resistant and has a frequency of 125kHz. The proximity RFID reader type device has a battery of 2400mAh and can work 24 hours after charging once.

It has 4 buttons to operate with ease, named:

  • GPS button
  • Call me button
  • Read Checkpoint button
  • Panic button

What are the features of an active track?

  • The device helps in locating and supervising, ones in real-time with the availability of GPS, GPRS.
  • The device makes it possible to establish voice communication, as it has two-way communication features to communicate by both sides.
  • The tracking device has furnished with the latest technologies to make it a long-operational device such as a long-lasting battery power supply.
  • The built-in accelerometer can obtain information, whether the person with the device is moving or suddenly fell in the way of action.
  • It can have strong support in the resistant casing, due to its numerous seals, shock absorbers, ergonomic shape and small sizes.
  • The features like GPS and RFID( Radio Frequency identification), make it able to read the locations and checkpoint.

The active track benefits-

Call of emergency just one button away-  The panic button makes it simple to call for help. Whenever the lone worker is trapped in a situation, where help is the only option, he can call or SMS via the panic button. The SMS and panic alert will be sent to both monitoring systems and the near selective device.

GEO facing- To plan or monitor the route, it is quite a demanding feature. Whenever a lone worker goes out of the location, the device starts buzzing. It helps the workers to be in locations and monitoring teams to know if the employee is on the right track or not.

GPS and RFID in one device- The device is equipt with both GPS(Global positioning system) and RFID(Radio-frequency identification).

Man down alarm- The device alerts the monitoring team while the person pushes the panic button. Also,  when there is no activity for 15 minutes, the man down sensors send panic alerts to the operating team.

Long battery life– Once it fully-charged the device can work for 24 hours.

Useable as a phone- The active track data reader can be used as a phone. You can send a signal to the monitoring station via GPRS to call and receive calls. A 3G SIM can be used to this device of communication.

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