It is important to make learning exciting for students and motivate students by incorporating fun classroom games into your lesson here are the top 10 classroom games that will provide fun ways to engage your students in academic learning number one charades select a student to stand at the front of the room and act out a word from your list no speaking allowed the rest of the class must then guess what the student is attempting to portray other students can shout out their guesses are put their hands up depending on your teaching preference whoever guesses correctly connect out the next word you might like to experiment with playing as a whole class where half competes against the other half or in smaller groups with time limits number two puzzles separate your class into groups or simply use table groupings according to editing service USA.

then handout a puzzle for each group to piece together you may use images words calculations our concepts printed or stuck on card or paper and cut into random shapes like puzzle pieces number three pictionary students work in small groups one student from each group is chosen to start and they must draw the subject related concept you state within a given time 30 seconds to two minutes the rest of the group must then guess what she is drawing the first group to correctly guess the word wins the game repeats until every student has had a turn or there are no more words on your list number four Scattergories put up a simple table on the whiteboard with a different category in each column for example rivers fruits animals for cities you may alter the categories for difficulty according to your class’s level randomly select a letter of the alphabet at assignment help USA.

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now within a time limit groups are pairs of students must identify one example per category the first group to correctly do so wins number five whiteboard bullseye split the class into two teams draw a target on the whiteboard labeling each circular ring with a different point value quiz students individually on anything if they answer correctly they get to throw the ball at the target for points the winning team gets a prize a bonus point on the test a privilege etc number six the crazy ball game prepare a questionnaire for the game based on a topic that you taught recently to the class divide the class into two teams and choose a student from one of the teams to answer the first question don’t allow the teams to discuss answers among themselves as the sole objective is to test each student’s understanding of the topic if the chosen student answers correctly she gets to throw a ball into one of three paper cups each marked with five ten or fifteen points

and get points for her team keep the points on a board so that the teams can follow the progress continue to play the game between the teams until you’ve asked all the questions the team with the maximum number of points wins prizes can be a homework pass free time and so on number seven headbands are also known as Pino hen yo here’s a fun spin on the classic game of headbands instead of using headbands like in headbands use sticky notes to write random words relevant to the grades curriculum on them stick one of the notes on a student’s head without allowing her to look at the word the student has to figure out what the word on her forehead is by asking her peers for clues if the word on the sticky note is flour then clues can be pollination colorful spring petals etc to help the player guess the word number eight paper ball get a piece of paper

and write a question on it crumple the paper get another piece of paper and write another question crumple the second paper by layering it on the first crumpled paper do this again by layering all the paper with different questions you now have a paper ball have the students sit in a circle the objective of the game is to play catch or pass the paper ball when a student catches the ball she has to answer the question written on the first layer of the paper ball if she drops the ball then you get to throw it back at the circle continue the game until all the questions have been answered simple games like these will not only help you practice lessons with your students in the class but help the class bond to number nine memory card game create two cards with a matching concepts this is the first pair

and then make more pairs with a matching idea mix up the cards play them in rows face down you make pair our group the students and let them turn over any two cards if the two cards match they may keep them if they don’t match they need to turn them back over let the students watch and remember each cards the game is over when all the cards have been matched the group with the most matches wins number ten making sentences lookup sentences with words that you want your students to learn jumble the sentences and start writing down the unique words randomly on the sheet of paper ensure that the words are spelled correctly in a written clearly

so that all the students understand give your students a pen and blank paper students have to form as many sentences as they can in five minutes in the end the student with the highest number of meaningful and grammatically correct sentences scores the highest you may also group the students and let them compete with the other groups summary the top ten classroom games are charades puzzle pictionary Scattergories whiteboard bull’s eye the crazy ball game headbands are Pinoy haenyeo paper ball memory card game and making sentences.