For a perfume lover, picking up a random fragrance from the aisle is not enough. They want to feel it, immersing in its aroma and enjoying the last whiff. This is why all perfume lovers prefer to spend hours finding the right aroma. If you are finding this process overwhelming, these tips will help you. Picking up the long-lasting perfume that works on you is not that difficult. 

Which Type Of Perfume Can Last All Day?

There are so many types of perfumes available these days. EDP, EDT, EDC, EDF, body mists, body sprays, and deodorants are some common options. However, having all these in front of you can be quite confusing. Which perfume type is best for me? What is the difference between all of them? How do I know which is the best type for me? 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all these questions, it is best to learn more about them. The type of perfumes is decided according to the essence concentration in them. Parfum has the highest level of concentration and can last for more than 24 hours. It is also quite expensive due to the purity of essence. 

After this comes the Eau de parfum or EDP. It has 15-18% essence concentration and a lasting of more than 10 hours. It is usually pricy, but some brands have it at a moderate price range. Many Long Lasting Perfumes For Women are EDP. Perfumer’s Club #Dreamer, Baug Sons Jasmine Noir, Chris Adams Dreamz woman are some popular ones. 

EDT has about 8-10% essence concentration and lasting of 5-8 hours. After this comes the rest of them. EDF and body mists are the same thing with the least essence. 

For someone who loves to smell nice and does not care about cost, EDP is best. If you have a budget issue and need a moderate lasting aroma, go with EDT. EDF or body mists are for those who like the gentle aroma around them. In the end, it is all about what you want and how much you can afford while picking up the perfume.

How Can I Make My Perfume Smell Nice All Day?

Along with finding the right perfume, applying it correctly can also matter. With the right application, you can make your perfume last all day. Always apply the perfume directly to the skin. It helps in revealing its true notes. Take bath, clean your skin, and apply ample moisturiser. It will help in better absorption of scent molecules. You can also spray once on your hair and clothes while stepping out. It will help the scent o last longer. 

Always carry mini scents with you. They are suitable for freshening up the scent whenever needed. Apply one spray and you are ready. Apart from all this, you should also never rub the scent while applying. It ruptures the molecules and reduces their longevity. Let the fragrance dry on its own. All these tips will help in making your perfume last longer and smell nicer.

Are Branded Perfumes Better Than Local Ones?

Branded perfumes are often known to be of higher quality. However, in recent years this has changed a lot. Many Indian perfume brands like Perfumer’s Club are offering high end fragrances. Similarly, you do not need to spend more to get better quality with international brands. Fragrance brands like New NB, Lomani, MPF, Mural de Ruitz are providing good perfumes. They have reduced the cost of EDP scents significantly. 

For a woman who loves to smell nice, having options is not a bad thing. Fragrance stores like Perfume Booth have a huge range of perfumes. You can explore them all and decide which scent is best for you. You never know, even a low-priced perfume might work amazingly on you.

Try Perfumes First Before Buying For Better Results:

Now it has become so much easier to find the best kind of fragrances. With online shopping websites, you can buy perfume for women anywhere you like. Whether you need branded international or Indian perfumes, all of them are available here. You can also indulge in luxury perfume brands. To find out whether a perfume has a lasting aroma or not, you must try it before buying. Some stores like Perfume Booth provide mini perfume sets. You can order these to try all the popular perfumes at home. 

This is the easiest way to see whether the perfume works for you or not. Take your time to try all the fragrances. Use them however you want or like. Check them for intensity and longevity indoors as well as outdoors. One mini perfume can last for about 7-15 days according to your usage. Once you have decided on the scent you want, place the order. Finding the best smelling perfume was never this easy. Check out all these brands and make it yours.