There is such a tourist place in New Zealand which is famous for strange things. The city of Cardrona in New Zealand is becoming famous all over the world due to the bra of women. There is a long line of people to see this tourist place. You will find bras from all over the world hanging at this place in the city of Cardarona. This place has become a world-famous tourist spot because of girls’ bra. Even on social media, this place is attracting people towards it. There is a crowd of tourists all the time to see this place.

Women coming here from abroad hang up their bras so that people can see them. People even say that by doing this their wishes are fulfilled. Whoever comes here, they also click photos with these bras with great fervor here. This place has become famous all over the world by the name of ‘Bra Fence’. No one had planned this place to be a tourist spot, rather it suddenly came into limelight.

Actually, once around New Year’s bras were seen hanging here. People were a little surprised to see this. In fact, the women returning home after celebrating the New Year’s party took off their bras and tied them here. After that the bra tying started at this place.

People try different ways to make a vow. Many people get their hair shaved, while many people travel to the place of pilgrimage on foot, but here people say that girls take off their undergarments when they go to pray.

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