The main event of this time‘s SummerSlam 2022 will see Brock Lesnar grueling Roman Reigns for the title of Undisputed Universal Championship. WWE verified the big clash and revealed the date for the main event which will be held on July 30. The stagers are each set to go head to head in a one- on- one match that suckers will be agitated to substantiation.

The two WWE legends will face off each other in a Last Man Standing match and one of them will win the match by keeping his opponent down till the 10- count. Reigns preliminarily defeated Lesnar at Wrestlemania 38. It was verified by WWE in their advertisement that this will be the last time when Reigns and Lesnar will square off in a one- on- one match.
Lesnar and Reigns have preliminarily squared off against each other three times in Wrestlemania events. Among other big matches listed for SummerSlam 2022 is also the bone between Bobby Lashley and Theory for United States Championship. Lashley beat Theory to win the title at plutocrat in the Bank and Theory is now anticipated to challenge the sameproposition, on the other handlately won the plutocrat in the Bank 2022 Men‘s title.

Also, Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin will be squaring off at SummerSlam 2022. As for SmackDown Women‘s Championship, Liv Morgan and Natalya are anticipated to take their contest into SummerSlam. Morgan lately bagged the plutocrat in the Bank 2022 title after defeating Ronda Rousey at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas