Corporate Website Vs. Personal Website

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There are millions of websites in existence today. They differ in content, size, prominence, budget, purpose and other factors. 2 major types of websites that are popular today are corporate websites and personal websites.

Commercial websites are for businesses and organizations. Personal website is for individuals. When compared to personal websites corporate websites have usually much larger websites and size.

Motives of Personal Websites

Professionals such as architects, doctors, lawyers, programmers and others have personal sites to showcase their work. They usually solicit work or employment.  Personal Websites, are widely used to showcase or advertise a person’s qualifications, skills, experience and job history. The former may have personal blogs, share experiences and other things. A resume/CV is often included to add credibility. Personal websites are leveraged to further career goals. Another objective is to socially network with others with shared interests.

Motives of Corporate Websites

Enterprises and organizations have corporate websites to advertise themselves, introduce themselves to newcomers and promote/sell goods and/or services. Corporate websites nowadays have the facility for purchasing services and/or services through their site. The former is created having a financial motive in mind. Many corporate websites use  Magento eCommerce development , for sales. They usually have corporate brochures that can be downloaded by interested parties.

Amateurs Vs Professionals involved in creation of the respective site

Since the budget for personal websites is limited they may be created by the owners of the sites themselves. For corporate websites, as the stakes are high and a professional looking site is imperative it is usually developed by professional website developers and designers.

Time involved in development

Corporate websites are usually bigger and more complex than personal websites. Thus, the former takes much more time to build and deploy.

Cyber Attacks

As corporate websites have rivals and are relatively high profile they need more protection from cyber attacks compared to their personal counterparts. So, there is more expense in anti-virus software and firewalls.

Frequency of Change

While personal websites may change in content and design frequently corporate websites are meant to be unchanged for a significant time period as frequent changes lead to confusion and inconsistency.


The design and development of corporate websites are more likely to be outsourced than that of personal websites. It is because businesses want to focus on their core areas. Enterprises don’t want the distraction and hassles of building and maintaining a website.


Personal websites generally have the photos of the person for whom the site is built for. Corporate websites usually have images of staff and founders of the business.


Personal websites usually have one-way communication. They tell the readers about the person concerned. Corporate websites may have live chat and other modes of bi-directional communication 24X7.

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