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Disadvantage Of Taking Contraceptive Pills

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Birth control pills are the easiest way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. But women who keep consuming it for a long time have to face many physical and mental problems related to health. A similar study has been told in a recent study. The study says that women who consume these pills for a long time can be emotionless. Which can have a direct negative impact on their personal relationships? Let us tell you today some side effects of birth control pills that you are hardly aware of-


Consumption of birth control pills can cause women to have headaches and migraines. If you also have migraine problem after eating these pills, then reduce the dose of this medicine and see if you can get relief in pain. Remember, the medicine dose should be reduced or stopped only after consultation with your doctor, you may get into trouble due to the lack of medicine dose with your mind.


Women who take birth control pills have a common problem of nausea. If you also feel that you are suffering from nausea due to taking birth control pills, then start eating this medicine with food or before bedtime.

Breast Swelling

Many women start complaining of swelling in the breast by taking this medicine. If you start feeling bloated after a few weeks of taking the medicine, then reduce the amount of salt in your diet, by doing this you can get rid of this problem.

Gaining Weight

Yes, consuming contraceptive pills for a long time can also cause you obesity. Due to these pills, fluid retention increases in different parts of the body. If you are also suffering from this problem then you can change your birth control pills. But before doing this, consult your doctor.

Sex Life Affected

Some studies have also made claims that women who consume these pills for a long time, their sex life starts getting affected. By the way, if you experience low sex drive for a long period then see a doctor immediately.

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