Essential Tips On Buying Sulphur For Industrial Uses

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Sulphur is a substantial component in the periodic table that has the symbol S and atonomic number 16. As a non-metallic component that doesn’t taste, the original form of sulphur is a yellow crystalline solid. Sulphur is found naturally as an element in pure state and as sulfide or sulfate minerals.

As one of the most important raw materials in chemical industry, It is principally used as the derivative in many chemicals and industrial processes and particularly important in producing phosphate fertilizers.That’s why sulphur suppliers tend to sell their product to this kind of customers. However suppliers of sulphur also sell to other industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for applications.

There are many sulphur suppliers or manufacturers in the global market that produces sulphur. In manufacturing it to become sulphuric acid, the sulphur suppliers will take four stages of process:

  • Extraction of sulfur
  • Conversion of sulfur to sulfur dioxide
  • Conversion of sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide
  • Conversion of sulfur trioxide to sulfuric acid

The sulphur market is expected to register a CAGR of over 3%, during the forecast period. sulphur market size is expected to have a significant growth as the number of customers also sulphur suppliers keeps increasing globally. The increasing demand from the fertilizer manufacturing sector and the increased use of sulphur for rubber vulcanization are key factors driving the growth of the sulphur market. Additionally, sulphur suppliers are competing in giving the best quality of this material in the market. Because over time, the companies from many industries get the sulphur from the sulphur supplier who offers the best quality with the best price.

Technology and Equipment For Sulphur Suppliers Production

The sulphur suppliers production technology is simple: sulphur is extracted from natural underground deposits by melting it with superheated water and delivered to the surface by compressed air and pumps. In the flash process for the extraction of sulfur from sulphur deposits in a concentric pipe installation patented by G. Frasch in 1891, sulphur is obtained with a purity of up to 99.5%.

The industry uses the same sulphur suppliers production process, only on an appropriate scale. Sulphur-containing ore is crushed into pieces, then crushed in an industrial mill and simply fed into a shock-absorbing bunker equipped with a fluidized-bed firebox – a plant for the production of a paint process.

At the exit to the finished product hopper, almost pure sulfur enters, which is sifted with a vibrating screen for too large pieces and packed or moved to the next production line, if we are talking about a chemical plant.

Regarding the cost of equipment for the production of sulphur by suppliers, we can say that the choice in this case will be small: too specific production. If we put aside the idea of ​​acquiring used equipment as a completely hopeless task, then it is easy to find a good Chinese-made production line (and heavy machine building in China is up to par – which cannot be said about consumer goods production) for only 8750-8800 thousand yuan.

The price may seem somewhat high, but if you know the prospects for production, you will understand that this is not so. First about the production. It requires a space of about 600 square meters. m and two dozen workers. Design capacity: 40,000 tons per year (subject to a 3-shift 24-hour workday). As you can see, the volume is considerable - the main thing is to find the direction of a good sale.

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