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Great Chance To Reduce Belly Fat in Lockdown

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Keeping the body fit by putting the belly bulge out is the most difficult task. For those who are busy all day in the office, reducing their stomach is even more difficult. However, you have a golden opportunity in lockdown. You can reduce stomach fat by doing 5 exercises at home every day.


Most of the fat in people’s bodies are stored on the stomach, but despite trying a lot, the belly does not decrease. It is considered an excellent exercise to reduce belly fat.

Regular Crunchage

Cranchez is an excellent exercise to burn calories. In the position of crunchage, many muscles are active simultaneously, which benefits the whole body. Apart from the flat tummy, this exercise also improves the posture of your body.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunchage may be easy to see but it can be a bit difficult to do it. This gives good exercise to both your stomach and Thai.

Crunch Twist

By crunch twist, the side fat on your stomach is reduced. Experts believe that if you do three sets of crunch twists every day, then side fat can be eradicated easily.

Vertical Leg Crunch

In this exercise, the legs have to be moved upwards, making the balance of the body. By doing 10 wraps daily, the fat stored on your stomach will decrease rapidly.

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