How to Choose a Healthy Natural Sweetener for Kids?

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Children always crave eating sweets and sugary stuff and consider them as a delight. Whenever there’s a special occasion like a party, a birthday, an outing or anything, they usually put their handson sweets and forget about all the other things that are available to eat. However, sugar can be very unhealthy as it can depress the immune system thereby increasing the chances of children getting ill.

Not only this, sugary substances create a spike in blood sugar levels which can lead to imbalances in the body resulting in health problems like obesity, stress, lack of concentration, anxiety, and more.

The best way to tackle this situation is to find alternative sweeteners for your kids that are healthy and doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or ingredients. So, if you are up for this and willing to buy natural sweeteners online, here are a few options that would make a great choice.

5 Natural Sweeteners to Buy Online for your Kids:

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is a natural and healthy sweetener that is made from red or black maple trees. It includes water, calcium, iron, sucrose, and some other elements. The syrup has a unique flavour and can be used in homemade delicacies like cakes and cookies. You can find it very easily while buying natural sweeteners online.


Honey is one natural sweetener that we all know about. It has been used for ages and tastes so good that children or adults everyone just love eating honey. Honey includes fructose sugar and antioxidants that help in lowering blood pressure while triglycerides in it help to cure cough.

However, it shouldn’t be given to children below the age of one year. Also, while giving it to children above the age of one year, the quantity must be in moderation.

Mashed Organic Fruit

Using pureed or mashed organic food is another great way to replace sugar and prepare a healthy sweetener for children. The whole fruit includes fiber and protein that are removed when fruits are converted into juice. So, liquefying whole pieces of fruit is a nutritious way to choose rather than fruit juice.

You can use bananas, cherries, and oranges in muffins. You can also add these to smoothies and pancakes to provide a naturally sweet flavor. So, if you are looking to buy natural sweeteners online, go for this one.

Raisin Syrup

Coming to another natural sweetener, we can’t skip Raisin syrup. If your baby is above 8-10 months of age, you can use this to feed him/ her. However, use a very little amount of it in any meal.

The syrup can be sweeter than sugar. To make it at home, simply soak raisins for a few hours and blend them to make a thick pulp. Keep it in your refrigerator for two to three days and then use it instantly in your baby food.


Molasses is a thick, brown-colored liquid that tastes sweet. It is made by boiling sugar beet or sugarcane juices. You can use it in baking or as an alternative to brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup.


So, these were some of the best alternatives that you can choose if you want to buy natural sweeteners online for your kids. It is easy to restrict the use of sugar in your children’s diet while they are so young as they don’t know the taste till they experience it.

At least for some time, make sure to introduce your kids to sugar-free meals as once they develop the habit of sugar, it won’t be easy for you to change it. As a parent, it is a good choice for you to use the above natural sweeteners and adopt a healthy lifestyle for your kids before they get introduced to natural sugar.

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