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How To Choose Your Garden Furniture?

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Garden furniture is the key to beautiful moments of sharing with family or friends, throughout the summer. To choose the garden furniture that will accompany you during improvised barbecues or evenings to remake the world, here are some tips. From style to material to dimensions, discover everything that will help you choose the ideal garden furniture for your balcony, terrace, or garden.

The Different Materials


Solid and warm, the wood is available in different types of species supporting humidity but also heat and insects.

These are also classified on an increasing scale from 1 to 5 according to their resistance.

  • Pine: European wood, good value for money. Treated against external aggressions (rain, humidity, insects), it is class IV eligible.
  • Acacia: exotic wood, affordable. Good resistance to humidity (class II). It seduces with its very uniform color.
  • Robinia: robust and durable, without treatment. The only European gasoline admissible in class IV. A good alternative to teak, at a lower cost.
  • Teak: naturally rot-resistant and very resistant (class IV). Patina over time (gray color).
  • Composite: this mix of resin and wood fibers has the particularity of being rot-resistant and very resistant, but must be treated with “special composite” products.
  • Use wood labeled FSC or PEFC: they certify that the forest has been managed correctly and that the flora and fauna have been preserved.


For garden furniture, three main types of metal are used. To each its specificities but above all the timeless charm of metal. Buy Outdoor Living Lounge Sets

  • Epoxy steel: the metal is coated with a paint that resists the effects of rust.
  • Steel treated with catachresis before applying epoxy paint, for better resistance to corrosion.
  • Aluminum: it does not rust, is light and above all is very easy to maintain.


Solid and easy to live with, this material is available in beautiful colors.

  • Braided resin: light and durable, it revisits traditional caning. In braided, flat or round plastic fibers that surround a steel or aluminum structure.
  • Injected resin or plastic: opaque or transparent, shiny or mat, offers very good resistance and is available in a large choice of finishes and colors.
  • Text Ilene: technical fabric, made from PVC, which serves as a seat for furniture and can be combined with different materials. Good resistance to UV and humidity. It is available in many colors and offers a modern touch to your decor.

Choose your living room according to your use

Whatever your available space, it is possible to find the garden furniture that suits you. It is important to clearly define your constraints and expectations before making your choice.

Small Spaces

No question of depriving yourself of lunch or dinner outside on balconies, small terraces or in interior courtyards.

  • Opt for a small table (round, we put more people around).
  • In the folding version, the furniture can be stored more easily in a corner, in a chest or in a cupboard.

With family

When there are many, we need a more convivial and extendable table, which can accommodate more people (up to 16 place settings).

  • On some models, there are extensions and/or stackable or folding chairs, easy to store in a corner of the terrace.
  • For children, choose furniture that is their size, colorful, fun, and easy to live with.

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