Playing music is a way of life for some people. Music brings sweetness & rhythm into the lives of the people either listening, singing, or practicing it. 

Some people love to listen & some love to play it but teaching music to the people is the best part. 

Teaching music is also a lucrative business because people from all walks of life love to learn music. Yes, if you are an accomplished teacher, you can be able to start your classes.

But, taking music classes is not so easy without spending your time & energy on scheduling lessons, managing students, reporting & keeping in touch with parents. 

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Doing the administrative parts of your music coaching classes is not easy without the proper involvement of an online Music Lesson Scheduling Software. 

Yes, this is the only way how you can organize your classes without creating any chaos. 

So here is the big question, what is Music Lesson Scheduling Software?

An online Music Lesson Scheduling Software helps you to schedule classes, meetings & events so that your students can meet up with you whenever you make yourself available to them. 

Picktime is one such Music Lesson Scheduling Software where you can set up your account, make your time slots visible on your booking page & even share your link. 

After signing up with free music teacher scheduling software such as Picktime & making all the necessary changes, you are all set to meet your students & clarify their doubts.

Most of the music studio management software available on the net is capable of reducing the time & effort you put into meeting all your students post classes & schedule your appointments around your meetings.    

Choosing the music school scheduling software that matches both your budget & goals can be a challenging task.

Hence, first of all, you have to make a list of things that you want in your music school scheduling software.

Checklist of things 

Now, here is a list of questions that you have to ask yourself before purchasing a music school scheduling software, are as follows:-

  • Is the software designed specifically for music teachers? 
  • How can the software be used to streamline scheduling? 
  • Does the software use automation to speed up your processors? 
  • Are they offering any kind of customer & technical support for the well-being of your software? 
  • Is the online software fit enough for you & your administrative staff to be used in the long run?
  • Is your software really good enough to merge with your website? 
  • Is it user-friendly software?  
  • Does the software contain music teaching app to download?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it customizable? 

Now after getting the answers to all these above-mentioned questions, you can go & choose the Music Lesson Scheduling Software of your choice. 

You can also go for or start with Picktime as your free music teacher scheduling software in case you are not getting the right one of your choice. 

Picktime is the best music school software found online that is suitable for most of the teachers that are starting their music classes for the first time in their life.

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Key Features

These are some of the self-explanatory features of Picktime music course management software that will tempt you to start online music coaching classes of your own:-

  • Personalized booking page. 
  • Automated SMS & email reminders. 
  • Class booking feature.
  • Repeat or recurring appointments.
  • It will merge with your favorite calendar.
  • You can integrate Picktime with your Facebook page too. 
  • Maintaining the database of all your customers. 
  • It will manage all your schedules without any glitch or error.  

Benefits of Music Lesson Scheduling Software

Now here are some of the mind-blowing benefits of the best music school software available on the market including Picktime, are as follows:-

  • Increasing your cash reserves with online booking

With the availability of an online booking facility, customers can book your services on your website or booking page via third-party services such as social media platforms such as Facebook. 

  • You will be paid faster online compared to traditional booking

With the help of your music lesson scheduling software, your clients & customers will be able to pay you faster while booking the classes, or your administrative staff will send them invoices & charge them before or after the class.   

  • Grow the number of your students

Your students or clients will start growing once you start managing the business of your music lessons well. Your clients, customers, or students will start to advertise or promote your music school once it gets successful or satisfied with your management.

  • Kids take their own time to learn

Kids going for online lessons are quite smarter now. If any teacher releases or uploads a video on a new music lesson then the students take their own time to learn it by just watching, rewatching, rewinding, pausing & even starting the video the next day again to get well-versed with every single tune or beat of the music. 

  • Comfort-oriented learning environment

In a traditional setting, you have to go to the class suited with your best behavior & discipline following the dress code you have to adhere to daily. 

Now when it comes to learning music in an online setting, you don’t have to adhere to any uniform code or discipline. 

You can take your music classes even putting on your pajamas or drinking your favorite beverage. This is what online music school scheduling software is all about. 

  • It is up to your kids to decide what they want to learn       

In a traditional setting, kids and students have limited options on what they want to learn, especially music. But when it comes to online learning via music school scheduling software students get to choose what they want to learn. 

They will just click on the website or your booking page via the link, scroll through all the course options that you providing & then they will pick the one musical course suitable to them & start learning. 

It is recommended to go with Picktime as your Music Lesson Scheduling Software because it is free & comes with all those features that most of the scheduling software in the online open market offers for a price.