Some Must-Have Plugins You Should Consider While Making a Website on WordPress

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With 58,318 plugins, the WordPress Plugin Directory is one of the largest plugin stores. Though choosing the best one & deciding the finest for WordPress website development is a time-taking task. Well, let us make WordPress development as easy as a pie!

Our years serving as a WordPress development company lead us to the expertise that we can best explain which & how many WP plugins you should use. In this article, we will discuss WordPress plugins for each crucial part of your website. We will include SEO, development, security, look, payments, forms, backups, and critical requirements.

Best WordPress Plugins to settle upon (Breaking Down the Functionalities)

SEO Plugin 

Yoast SEO- Ask an SEO expert, and you will know how far this plugin can help them while performing On-page SEO & content management. This WP SEO plugin is on #1 with 5+ million installations. The efficiency of Yoast SEO fulfills its creator’s dream to prove that SEO is for everyone. Its popularity varies as from one-day-old small businesses to top websites are enjoying the capabilities.


  • Automatically improve technical SEO such as canonical URLs metadata.
  • Create an advanced XML sitemap so Google easily understands site structure.
  • Help to create Google snippets, title metadata templating for better branding.
  • In-depth schema. Org integration for rich Google results.
  • Control site breadcrumbs so user can better navigate
  • Enhance website speed by well-managing data
  • Guide for content management according to SEO parameters
  • Help maintain the right readability
  • Show how the listing will look even on mobile devices.

However, the premium version of the plugin adds much more to its functionality, such as email support, social previews, news SEO, video SEO and local SEO.     

Security Plugin 

iTheme Security Pro- With 1 million active installations, this security plugin serves over 30+ ways to secure WordPress website security. The security lockdown your WP site, stop automated attacks, strengthen credentials, fix common holes and more. They added the WP plugin in 2008 and serves all next-level support & maintenance to its users.


  • 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), authenticate the code from phone number and email
  • WordPress salts & security keys that make site updating easy
  • Help to generate a strong password
  • Automatic schedule site malware scanning
  • Protect WP site against spammer with Google reCAPTCHA
  • Track all activities of users, including login & out and content changes
  • Online file comparison such as scan file Origen after the changes for any malware activities
  • Command-line site security management

Design Plugin 

Seedpod- With 1 million + active installations, this WP helps with multiple website design issues. It creates a coming soon page, landing soon pages, maintenance mode page, and custom 404 pages.


  • Able to work with any WP theme
  • Create all sales, opt-In, leading, thank you, 404, login, maintenance mode, webinar pages.
  • Mobile-ready and responsive design
  • Customise the feel and look
  • BuddyPress and multisite support
  • Easily add custom CMS and HTML
  • Have all headline, text, list, button, image, video, column, gateway block

The pro version of this plugin has many more other features, including such as 100+ professionally designed landing layouts & templates and much more.

Social Media Plugin

Revive old post- 40,000+ active installation, this social media WP plugin is the best deal to boost website traffic, social media reach and sharing. The plugin automatically shares the post and content to your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google my business and more.


  • Good social media support for small businesses as it can share the post and page.
  • Create common # for post shares from custom shares, tags and categories.
  • Create a short link for the site and Include it back on your site.
  • Exclude categories and tags whenever needed.
  • Choose the time of post, the number of posts, and the age of post eligible for sharing. 

ROP’s creators add some more outstanding features to its pro versions, such as supporting custom product types like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce and Recipes. It also includes a magic tag for content variation and magic tags support in the additional text.

Speed Plugin

WP Rocket- The best speed booster and caching WP plugin fulfils its tagline “speed up in a few clicks”. With the high performance, ease of use and substantial support of the plugin, their website says it has 1,535,000 in orbit. So basically, this speed booster plugin benefiting SEO, visitor and conversion.


  • Cache website pages for quick viewing and mobile visitor
  • Apply optimal caching bower header
  • Database optimization & WebP compatibility
  • Help to host Google analytics functionality
  • CND, Cloudflare and Sucuri integration
  • Easy to import, export, and roll back to the previous version

Forms & Payment Plugin

WP forms- With 4+ million active installations, as the name suggests, it is an efficient yet powerful WordPress form creation plugin. The plugin creates all feedback, payment, subscription and other types of form within minutes. Plus, the pre-built form template makes it a beginner-friendly form.


  • Responsive and 100% mobile-friendly forms
  • GDPR friendly form makes your contact compatible friendly
  • Timesaving is the plugin that offers pre-built templates
  • Smart anti-form protection, plus reCAPTCHA and hcaptcha direct integration
  • Smart form confirmation and instant form integration
  • Geo-location features to display the location of a user
  • Easy to use for surveys and polls creation with the analysis, data and user interactive reports

Apart from the aforementioned ones WP forms plugin is full of plentiful other features as well.  Besides, for backups and remarkable WordPress website development, you can consider UpdraftPlus and Debug bar, respectively.

Over to you! 

Now, when we have done explaining all must-have plugins for your WordPress website, it’s over to you to read them keenly and select the best for you. We also want to advise you not to use too many plugins for your WP site but the quality & crucial ones.

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