The matrix is the arranging of numbers, symbols and variables in an arrangement that resembles a rectangle or a square. The study of various concepts of matrices and their functions comprise an important part of linear algebra. The matrix plays an important part in coordinate geometry. Students in Australia who struggle to complete an assignment related to matrix algebra seek Australia assignment help.

Type of Matrix

Here are the following types of matrics

  • Scalar Matrix: This type of matrix has a constant value in the diagonal part of the matrix where the rest of the elements have a value of zero. An identity matrix is a special form of a scalar matrix where all the diagonal elements have a value of 1. When the constant value is multiplied by an identity matrix, a scalar matrix is obtained
  • Vector Matrix: The matrix which has only one row or column. A matrix with only one row is called a row vector, whereas a matrix with only one column is called a column vector.
  • Zero Matrices: A matrix in which all the elements are zero is called a zero matrix

Matrix Operations

Different operations can be conducted on various matrices. Here are the matrix operations which are conducted:

  • Matrix Addition: In matrix addition, two different matrices having the same number of rows and columns can be added to obtain a  matrix which is a sum of two or more matrices
  • Matrix Subtraction: In matrix Subtraction, two different matrices having the same number of rows and columns can be a Subtracted to obtain a matrix which is a difference between two or more matrices
  • Scalar Multiplication: The procedure of multiplying a constant value with a matrix is called scalar multiplication.
  • Matrix Multiplication: Two matrices can be multiplied to form a product. It is important the number of columns and rows of the two matrixes need to be equal.
  • Transpose of Matrix: It is a mathematical operation where the rows and columns of matrixes are interchanged.
  • Determinant: A determinant is a number that can be calculated from a square matrix. Using determinants, one can effortlessly solve the linear equation of multiple variables.

Applications of Matrices

The matrix as a field of the subject has many diverse applications and is used in various fields such as:

  • Visual Designing: With the help of square matrixes, computers applications can generate 3d objects which can be used for visual designing. Matrices can also be used to design visual graphical representations.
  • With the help of the matrix, it is possible to secure the data cryptographically. The encrypted matrix ensures that the communication channels are secured.
  • The models of the matrix are used to transmit and receive data wirelessly. They are also used in wireless surveillance in the form of radar signals.
  • Matrices are used to solve complex linear equations at a fast pace
  • Concepts of the matrix are used in economical concepts such as Nash equilibrium to obtain the best possible economic output.

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