What Daily Activities Can Prove Really Helpful For IGCSE Exam Aspirant?

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IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education is the most famous international certification for secondary school’s end (equivalent to UK GCSE, O-level, year 11 in respective schools and countries or fifth form), pre-university studies, or prior proceeding to Advanced Level (year 12 and 13 or sixth form or A-level).

The IGCSE is a two-year program designed and certified by Cambridge University. The March series of the IGCSE final exam is generally written by Indian students. Since the curriculum is comprehensive, it requires a deep understanding of the subjects included and paves way for the further academic progress of the students.

Seeing the popularity of the exam, award-winning experts of IGCSE tuition in Borivali speak of some daily activities that prove helpful for IGCSE exam aspirants! If you are also aiming for an A grade in all subjects, you should follow these tips or join IGCSE tuition in Borivali to get the best guidance and learning outcomes.

Study For Long

You may find yourself studying a couple of days before the class examination or mock exam set up by your professors. Besides, you may madly be flipping through your textbook, your class notebook, study guide, and your friend’s handwritten notes, and trying to cover everything you can. It is impossible to determine what to work on in the limited time available and what to miss.

You know that it’s not viable for that. Next time, you plan on practicing harder, but you’re doing the same thing as the next exam comes around. Sounds familiar, right? Well, it must be!

What you need to do here is change your attitude. Once one of your exams is over, and you begin preparing for the next set, bear in mind your final target. You just aren’t preparing for the next test or pre-final exam. In the school examinations, you can do as well as you want, but none of that counts if you don’t do well in the final. Everything’s heading for the ultimate goal. This will modify the way of your learning process.

Multiple Sources For Study

You must have a textbook the school recommends that you use in class and study at home. Although it does not hurt to look at other sources. The point is that the syllabus is set up by Cambridge, and some publishers build textbooks based on this particular syllabus. To access more knowledge, several sources can offer you more practical questions to practice on.

The other sources can be:

  • Online notes
  • Videos available on online platforms such as YouTube
  • Friends’ notes of different schools
  • IGCSE tuition in Borivali or at any other place

Solve Previous Year Papers

You may study for 7-8 hours a day, but you need to make use of your knowledge. For this, you are required to go through the previous year’s papers to review your progress regularly and to check if you are learning the most important topics that are repeated in the exams.

It is just like the training for the final day. You need to look at previous year’s papers in detail and observe the format and pattern of the questions. Most of the questions do not explicitly ask for book content but demands your expertise to answer a query. To get the past papers, you can take the help of experts of IGCSE tuition in Borivali.

Aim Big

It’s alright to have A’s and B’s, but it’s not enough to aim just for A’s and B’s. Everybody can target for A’s; even if you don’t get all A’s, but you know that you’ve tried the hardest. To keep yourself motivated, set your own higher-grade thresholds. Be attentive in class and take note of every important thing your teacher says.

Bottom Line

While preparing for IGCSE, it is not important to study everything, but it is important to be constant and study in a smarter way you can. Hence, to learn smartly for IGCSE, you can look up to professionals in your IGCSE tuition in Borivali.

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