What is the Right Hair Transplant Treatment for You- FUE or FUT?

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Women are not the only people targeted for cosmetic treatments. During the recent years, men have also become a part of the beauty race are very concerned about how they look. It is for this reason that men who experience hair loss problems are considering certain procedures to bring back the life of their hair. They are determined to battle it out with whatever solution that is presented to them. Because of these increasing problem, certain treatments and procedures intending to provide a hair transplant for men have reached a high demand in the market. Men are going for these solutions to finally overcome their hair loss and balding problems.

Advanced Procedures of Hair Transplant for Men

Advancement in technology related to hair transplant for men have been made by most hair specialist clinics because of the increasing demand for it. In this procedure, the hair specialist strictly follows certain follicle groupings in order to make their client’s hair look natural. When it comes to this, an individual who undergoes the entire treatment should make sure that such treatment will be performed only by a professional or an expert with a very good reputation. This will guarantee an assured result after the process has been done. For an individual to obtain that natural looking hair, he should be able to choose natural hair to be transplanted to him. This will give the most natural effect after the surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant is a relatively advanced method of hair transplantation that offers a less invasive means of growing hairs from the donor site. The basic technique behind this treatment is to use precision tools to grow the hairs one follicle at a time, and then growing them in the balding areas. This process makes it different from the FUT or follicular unit transplantation method, in which a strip of hair is carefully removed from the donor area and then the units are harvested out of the strip.

Transplant Procedure for FUE

The FUE hair transplant procedure is performed by specialists under local anesthesia and the surgeon begins the process by extracting follicular units out of donor area. These grafts are kept in hold till the time the treatment area is finally prepared. The final step includes implantation of the extracted follicles to create a perfect hairline as per consultation with the client.

FUE hair transplants are recommended for the following reasons:

  • Delivers more natural-looking results.
  • Treatment is less painful.
  • Downtime is minimal.

FUT Hair Transplant

This technique involves strip reaping which means uprooting a piece of the scalp where hair follicles is dense and is known as the donor site. At that point a strip of scalp is cut from the donor site and evaluated under a microscope to obtain follicular units of the required size. These are then stored in a solution to preserve them and keep them healthy before they are grafted.

In this process, small incisions are made in the area where the hair is to be transplanted with the help of specialized needles in a specialized manner. This is a professional job to be done in a clinic and has to be carefully done to ensure that the setting of the hair is as per the desire. The follicular units that are extracted are then grafted into the incisions one by one to ensure finest results are achieved.

Success Rate from FUE and FUT Hair Transplant

Both procedures are widely accepted and offer a relatively high rate of success. In comparison between the two procedures, FUE is comparatively a better option as the follicles extracted do not need to be preserved or examined and can be grafted right away. During segmentation in FUT, some follicles are wasted or get damaged in the process.


The amount of time needed for recovery from hair transplant procedure is about one week in FUE and two weeks in FUT. However, it may vary in some cases. It is important to take a break from regular work after both procedures to help the scalp recover. There are certain medications available that are recommended to the clients after hair transplant. Overall greater care post-surgery is needed after FUT due to the strip that is cut out from the scalp and to ensure that an infection does not take place.


When it is surgical hair transplant, a small or minimal scarring may be there. In FUE, very small pinhole scars are seen after the procedure, but scarring in FUE is not completely absent. These scars are insignificant and can be easily covered by hair of normal length. On the other hand, FUT procedure leaves more scarring behind with a linear scar at the donor site. With time it does get covered with hair but the individual cannot have very short hair in order to conceal it completely.

Hair Transplants at Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech a leading Skin care clinic in India offers leading hair loss experts and hair transplant surgeons who are leading their field. All procedures take place in state-of-the-art procedure rooms which are hygienic and sterile. All precautions are taken and the supporting team is well-trained. All procedures including pre-care and post-procedure care is explained to the client. We believe in privacy and do not share details with anyone.

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