Nowadays, several site owners prefer to go for and use Linux hosting. The same is also being offered by most of the companies selling web hosting. 

If it is a blog or a small website that you run, you may not have to put a whole lot of consideration over the best suited operating system for your website. The key points to be put under consideration, here, would be the site availability, loading time and speed that your hosting provider offers, and if it is dependable. 

Now, after your site starts generating traffic in significant amounts, then, it will be the time to be more selective in the terms of choosing the hosting solution that you would want to go ahead with. Since your site will be in a growing stage now, a normal hosting package is unlikely to suffice.

In such cases, when one is knowledgeable about Linux Shared Hosting India, selecting the best suited web hosting services provider is seldom a difficulty. Across the globe, Linux is the top and the most popular operating system available. The key reason that makes Linux popular is that it is open-source, while being available free of charge. Linux Shared hosting is, furthermore, secure and features matchless security for site owners of all types.


Top 5 Best Linux Shared Hosting Services

We have considered elaborate considerations for deciding upon the top 5 Linux hosting systems. They are listed as follows:

1. 2GBHosting

Ideal for low cost Linux hosting

2. Bluehost India

Ideal for stability and speed

3. A2 Hosting

Developer-friendly hosting that features quick speeds

4. HostGator

Easy to use hosting

5. InMotion

Reliable, secure, and fast Linux host


Why is Linux the Top Choice for Hosting?

In most cases, people invest in web hosting services without giving too much thought over technical details. In case it is via a low cost shared hosting plan that you have hosted your website, then, it is likely that it has been provisioned over servers that run using Linux. This is a recommendable arrangement, because:

  • Cheap Linux Shared hosting is well-recognized for its security features, permanence and stability. It yields a powerful platform in the terms of steadiness and data safety.
  • In case you decide to go ahead with Linux Shared hosting plans, then, it will yield for you the freedom to use industry standard software and applications for web hosting. This includes the cPanel control panel, which is the most popular. Moving the host is going to be less disruptive in this case.
  • With linux being an open-source application or software platform, the charges associated with licensing are cheaper as compared to other hosting platforms, which include Microsoft or Windows.

Finally, in the case of advanced web hosting, it is configured according to the LAMP standard. LAMP is a term that stands for:

  • Linux is the OS 
  • Apache is the Web server
  • MySQL is the RDBMS
  • PHP is the object-oriented programming language. But there are cases wherein Python or Perl are used instead of PHP.


With the LAMP standard in place, one has almost everything that one requires to come up with a modern and acceptable application or website.


Linux vs. Windows Hosting

It is noteworthy that each of the important programming languages or scripts requires Linux. If it is a Windows server that we put into perspective, then installing WordPress is much easier. Installing Perl and Perl via Strawberry Perl are also easy. 

But, many webmasters and experts have the opinion that for not being well-supported, they may, in practice, not be stable.

Another aspect that we should be keeping in mind is that Linux servers do not forward support for IIS, .NET, and ASP frameworks. So, if a user plans to use these applications, then he may have to go for Windows Hosting.

Moreover , Windows is considered to be an ideal and a well-rounded platform wherein most applications run well. This makes Windows hosting a practical substitute. 

When you select an internet hosting service for your personal site or business, then, it becomes important to ensure that you go for a package that brings with it rich benefits and features. One should also see that one’s internet hosting provider guarantees high uptimes. , the technical and customer support should also be the ideal match for your requirements. Dependability and affordability of the selected hosting services provider are a few of the other most important matters to be looked into.

So, , the platform used by a web hosting provider, be it Linux or Windows, is not going to be of much of a perspective. But , if you are going to use proprietary applications specified by the platform, then it does make a difference. But, in general, for your web hosting requirements, Shared Linux Hosting is the most ideal solution.

Top Linux Hosting Providers

We recommend Bluehost Linux hosting and Hostinger India Linux hosting as the two hosting providers that come by as excellent Linux hosts. Their Linux hosting packages have been designed for meeting the requirements of all websites; their hosting packages are affordable.

A quick glance at the top 5 Linux hosting providers

1. 2GBHosting

2GBHosting offers 99.99% uptime and is priced at Rs. 67/month. This gives one website/domain alongside Unlimited Bandwidth. Alongside a free SSL certificate, 202 GB SSD disc space is also made available.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime and is priced at Rs. 169/ month. It offers 50 GB Space & Unlimited Bandwidth. Alongside are included CDN, SSL and Free Domain. 24/7 customer support is available. One can make unlimited email accounts.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting brings to you 99.99% uptime and is priced at $2.99/month. Other top features include unlimited RAID-10 Storage and Unlimited Transfers. 1 website is hosted here, while Site Transfer, SSD and SSL are free.

4. HostGator

While HostGator promises 99.99% uptimes, it is priced at $2.75/month. One hosts a single domain over HostGator but accesses unlimited transfer and space. One also receives $200 ad credits for Google/Bing ads.

5. Inmotion Hosting

With 99.9% uptime, inmotion hosting is priced at $2.29/month. One accesses unlimited transfer & disk space via inmotion hosting. One also hosts 2 websites and gets a free website builder.