Workout Substitutes in our Daily Routine that Keep Us Healthy

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The modern man has learned to be dependent on machines for every little thing. We have surrounded ourselves with electronic devices and appliances convincing ourselves that we do need those things to survive. But the truth is far from the reality we are living in. The last century has seen a surge in the advancement of technology and machinery for helping people in their day to day life. But it is also seen that with the dependency on machine people started becoming lazier with time. As people started living an easier lifestyle with all the help from technology, their health status started declining.

The last few years have also been seen that people have been realising that a healthy body and mind need to maintain for a hale and hearty lifestyle. It’s a common practice now a day people joining up for fitness centers and sports clubs by paying some ridiculous amount of money. If you think about it people spend a lot on appliances and electronic devices to be installed in their house for their convenience factor and then spend even more to burn the fat that they have accumulated by the modern lifestyle.

The hypocrisy might seem philosophical but that is the truth of today’s present society. We can make simple changes to our lifestyle habits and get the same amount of workout results that we pay for so significantly. Your everyday routine consists of a number of workout exercises that we skip out on because of technological help. Avoiding that and doing the following can keep you healthy and athletic without spending on fitness center memberships.

  • Preparing your own food – Rather than taking the help of maids and appliances, try to prepare your own food. There are certain appliances that we do need like the refrigerator in our kitchen so that food can remain fresh and eatable for a longer period. But rather than using the coffee machine, ground your coffee using a crusher or use a traditional stone grinder instead of a mixer grinder for crushing spices, ginger, or garlic. Also, preparing your food requires chopping, grinding, and standing for a long time which is an exercise in itself.
  • Cleaning your home yourself – People take the shortcut of hiring professional cleaning services in Bangalore for a hassle-free and easy way to clean their homes. But rather than hiring them you can just do all the cleaning and sanitizing on your own which makes you sit down for cleaning things on lower shelves, bend over to reach corners, stretch to reach higher places and walk around the house which is a complete set of exercises for your entire body. Practice doing this at least an hour daily which gives you a healthy body with saving money on services.
  • Using stairs instead of elevators – People have cut down walking from their lives altogether. They start from their homes to the offices in their vehicles and take elevators to reach their office floors. Not just offices you can see elevators in malls, shopping complexes, and even grocery stores nowadays. Don’t take the shortcut anymore. Take the stair and get a good amount of cardio and remain fit with this simple step.
  • Focus on a healthy diet and drinking water – Remaining healthy does not only require exercise but also a steady and healthy diet, drinking extensive water and breaking bad habits like alcoholism and smoking make you stronger and wholesome. Women try many things to look younger and beautiful. They spend a lot on make-up and beauty products, serums, and professional beauty services in Bangalore to get that glowing and gorgeous look. But making just simple changes to your diet and drinking enough water does the same thing for you.
  • Getting a pet – The best thing that you can do for yourself is adopting an animal friend. Taking care of a dog or cat is nothing less than taking responsibility. Also, pets like dogs are best to remain healthy because so many things change when you take their responsibility. You wake up early to take them out, you start making a schedule for yourself and the pet, you run with them in the park, even making them take a bath might just be the workout you are looking for.

Apart from these small changes you can try few other practices like trying a bicycle to transport rather than cars, play outdoor games with family and friends, get a sports practice like football or cricket that involves running and sprinting, etc. These activities make a great substitute for workouts and you can do them without adding another expense to your list and also getting the best results for your health. So, cut down on taking help from technology and make yourself fit and strong!

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