An Overview of Ethyl Acetate Chemical Solvent

The Chemical solvent is a carboxylate ester with a pleasant sweet fruity odor. Ethyl Acetate is a well-known name in organic chemistry with its chemical formula of CH3COOC2H5. This colorless liquid is a polar aprotic type of solvent. It generates two dipole moments in the presence of two highly electronegative oxygen atoms. These oxygen atoms […]

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Significance of Defoamers In Phosphoric Acid Production

Foam is an object that is shaped by captivated gas in a liquid or solid product pocket. Basically, foam is contained in almost all of the everyday products, especially in soaps, detergents, and shampoo. However, in the industrial sectors foam is categorized as a problem. The issue with foam in the chemical industry usually happens […]

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How To Deal With Poisoning Effect Of Potassium Carbonate

Potassium carbonate, also known as potash or pearl ash, is a product with formula K2CO3. This product often appears as a white powdered salt or as colorless solid crystal. It has a salty taste. This product is insoluble in ethanol and ether, also dissolves easily in water. Potassium carbonate is an inorganic compound important numerous […]

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